Plastic Surgery journey with Dr. Jennifer Walden

There are so many professionals including the field of medicine which have been considered male-friendly. For instance, the field of plastic surgery has close to 90% male surgeons; but Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the prestigious doctors who belongs to the 10% female board certified surgeons who is committed to bringing a positive change in all of her patients’ lives. She is an expert in Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation among other types of plastic surgeries. She grew up in the Austin area and studied at the renowned University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston where she was one of the brightest students. She even excelled in her practice and is getting better every day since the last 8 years.

Surgeries like facelifts, breast augmentation need some experienced hands to operate and if you are in the Austin area, you could well be in safe hands if you decide to go with Dr. Walden. She brings years of experience having operated on almost all types of cases and a proven track record. According to her, she being a woman gives her the edge over the male counterparts as most of the plastic surgeries like tummy tucks to nose jobs are performed on women. She feels that she could definitely be able to connect to her patients on a more personal level.

Dr. Walden is known to be a very transparent surgeon right from your initial consultation all the way up to surgery and post-surgery recovery phase. Once she evaluates your case, she would set proper expectations about what could be achieved and with what level of accuracy. You might also want to discuss all of your medical history just to make sure the doctor is aware of the nuances while she operates you. After all, plastic surgery is all about looking better than how you looked before your surgery.

From Grunge To Velvet, Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Makeup Wows In The U.K.

You know your brand has made it when Feelunique is carrying your makeup. Feelunique has quickly developed into Europe’s largest online beauty retailer with popular websites in the U.K., France, Germany, Norway, China, the E.U. and the U.S.


The CEO and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics is thrilled about the new collaboration across the pond. The Stylist is reporting that a Feelunique x Lime Crime Pop Up Shop in London is an exciting addition for British beauties who long for on-trend makeup that’s edgy, full of super pigments and textures and of quality formulas.


Doe Deere debuted Lime Crime in 2008; no other beauty company was introducing bold, fresh palettes with fantasy crystals and glitter and outrageous colors. Lime Crime was strong, empowering and anything but traditional. In addition, Doe Deere’s love of animals inspired her brand to go vegan and cruelty-free, and her fans appreciate where her heart is.


Feelunique is carrying a wonderful variety of Lime Crime makeup, and the response has been very positive. Shoppers are attracted to the brand’s luscious lipsticks, eyeshadow kits, highlighters and hair tints. Doe Deere believes that cosmetics aren’t a uniform you slap on to look decent for work or school. She established her company to bring an alternative makeup brand to modern young women (and men, too), and let them freely define their individual beauty.


Lime Crime is rebellious makeup that plays by its own rules. One of the big sellers is the Venus Palette collection. The newest is the Venus III which includes the signature eight-pan set of eyeshadows housed in a colorful kit with a compact mirror and Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” painting on the box cover.


Doe Deere describes the eyeshadows as grunge heaven; it’s strung-out glamour that is naughty and nice and perfectly modern. Lime Crime’s Venus III Palette took a distinct turn this time around and came out with a kit that evokes femininity and feminism in a purple haze. The shimmer and matte shades are luxe, smooth across the lid with ease and produce that major color pay-off all girls demand.


Don’t be fooled because there is nothing too dainty about the Venus III with its purple and pink shadows and earthy neutrals.


Addicted Lime Crime fans have made the Venus kits a cult favorite for collecting. There is also the original Venus, Venus II and the 18-shadow kit in the Venus XL.


Who doesn’t want a goddess-worthy palette that comes alive with one swipe?


Feelunique is also featuring a bunch of Lime Crime lipsticks at its new pop up shop. These lippies have gone famous globally, and celebrities often wear them on the red carpet, at photo shoots and on TV sets.


Lime Crime lipsticks are the bomb when it comes to the liquid/matte form, and they are super comfy to wear for hours on end. The Velvetines in metallics and mattes are so lovely and look just like smooth velvet.


We dare you to try some Lime Crime. Learn more:

Chainsmokers Honors Avicii during the Billboard Music Award

You probably don’t easily recognize their faces, but you possibly sing their hit song “Closer”. The Chainsmokers duo, Andrew Taggart, and Alex Pall have a music background. Andrew attended the prestigious Bandier Program for music at Syracuse University while Alex majored in music and art history at New York University.


The rise of Chainsmokers

Pall was working in New York in 2012 when he was trying to introduce himself as a skilled DJ while Andrew had just graduated. The duo formed the Chainsmokers after they were both made known to each other by their current manager, Adam Alpert. In 2014, the duo produced their first song, “Selfie”, though the song did not hit as expected. In 2016, they established their label with three hit songs in the Billboard top 10.


Avicii Honored at the Billboard Music Award

During the 2018 billboard music Awards, Avicii, a Swedish producer, and DJ was honored by Halsey and The Chainsmokers. Before presenting the accolade for the Topmost Hot 100 Track of 2018 to Despacito’s singer, Luis Fonsi, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the Chainsmokers duo, informed the fans who had assembled at Grand Garden Arena located at Las Vegas that Avicii was a source of inspiration to many including the EDM community. In honoring Avicii, Halsey said that the death was more painful since Avicii was such a joy when one interacted with him.

When receiving the award for the top dance/electronic, the Chainsmokers said that they are dedicating the Award to the Swedish song producer. Avicii motivated them and made them believe that music is something that can sustain them. Avicii also played a significant role in their musical journey and also impacted the popular music in general.

Avicii dead aged 28 on April 20th. According to a report from his family, he took his own life. The music which Tim Bergling, Avicii’s real name, had not released may also be published according to the president of the Geffen Records, the star’s label. It was also during the award ceremony that the BBMAs host, Kelly Clarkson, got the chance to eulogize those killed at Texas’ school shooting recently.

Vijay Eswaran’s Beliefs in Success

All too often, we forget the current meaning of life and act like we shall be here one thousand years from now. The fact is, tomorrow is not promised as today may be the last day you experience life. One entrepreneur by the name Vijay Eswaran is using his life skills to disseminate critical information on how important it is to observe some pillars of life. Two Minutes from the Abyss is a book intended to inspire people to live in the moment.

The Early life Of Eswaran

Eswaran was born to loving parents who served as a teacher and a public service laborer. Vijay Eswaran grew up in Penang, India. Because his father was often connected to the government, Vijay’s family relocated to Malaysia when he was young. The constant relocation contributed to the development of particular business preferences as Vijay was now more inclined to pursue formal education before embarking on a career journey. Enrolling at the London School of Economics, he managed to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in socio-economics. From school, he got a job in Belgium where he plucked grapes.

It was while working in the United Kingdom that he developed a keen knack for binary system marketing. The new business revelation pushed him into acquiring more academic proficient qualifications from CIMA. He also majored in masters in business administration at the prestigious Southern Illinois University. At that time, he was a firm believer of the multilevel marketing model of business. Therefore, he worked as a part-time member at Synaptics.

Work Experience

Vijay Eswaran spent multiple years working in the industry of information systems and services as an engineer for companies like IBM and its likes in North America as well as South-East Asia. After thirteen years of working outside Malaysia his native land, it was time to move back home. At that moment, Cosway Group approached him to establish the right business model for their new firm. Eswaran started to uphold the value and meaning of multilevel marketing.

Growing his Business

In 1998, he established QI Group after working with multiple multilevel companies. The e-commerce conglomerate is a series of businesses encompassing travel, media, hospitality, and telecommunications among others. The company operates in Asia, Thailand, and North America among others. To educate emerging entrepreneurs, Eswaran uses this company as a perfect descriptive example of his struggles while growing up, challenges when he first ventured into business and his eventual success.

The Stunning Contributions of Jason Hope to Anti-aging Medication

People all over the world are currently faced with various health problems and diseases. These range from minor health conditions to mild illnesses that are life threatening. Nonetheless, many people, as well as organizations, have failed to realize that there is one medical condition that affects people from all walks of life regardless of the level of income, health, and location. Aging is a medical condition that has been deemed inevitable all over the world.

From time immemorial, human beings have considered aging as something inescapable. Truly, all human beings get old, our bones become feeble, our skins wrinkle, and we become weak thus losing the capacity of carrying out activities we used to when we were young. Additionally, various diseases are also more common to people at old age. These illnesses include arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, and osteoporosis among other diseases. Although there have been several developments to curb these medical conditions, medics have focused more on treating these diseases rather than preventing them. The health care system has failed in addressing the causes of these life-threatening diseases.

Fortunately, a handful of people have taken a different approach. Jason Hope an Arizona entrepreneur, and philanthropist has embarked on helping people to live longer by slowing down the process of aging. He is also giving out his own money to fund organizations that have ventured in coming up with treatments for the aging process all over the world. Jason Hope has funded SENS Foundation, a charitable organization, for several years. He first supported the organization in December 2010 when he donated $500,000 to their cause. This charitable organization is working on assisting the public to have access to technology that would slow down aging and also curb the diseases named above. SENS Foundation uses biotechnology to explore new medical approaches that would combat diseases and improve the lives of human beings.

SENS was founded in 2009 and apart from conducting research aimed at fighting aging, it also aims at reducing the perception of people about aging. The foundation also supports other promising research organizations like Harvard and Yale universities. Moreover, SENS Foundation also carries out medical research and operates laboratories. Jason Hope praised the work of the organization after donating the money. He even endorsed the foundation’s plan to combat illnesses like diabetes. Jason Hope donations promote the manufacture of AGE-breakers medication. This medication reduces glycation end-products that tend to increase as a person ages. Mr. Hope charitable acts are beneficial to the healthcare system.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media:

How Peter Briger Has Performed As A Leader In The Financial Industry

Peter Briger is a principal and co-chairman of the board for a global investment firm, Fortress Investment Group. He has been in the business of asset management for over two decades and his current company manages over $65 billion in assets. He is an expert when it comes to distressed debt investing and manages this area of Fortress Investment Group. He is a graduate of Princeton, where he got his bachelor’s degree in 1986, and the University of Pennsylvania which is where he earned his master of business administration (M.B.A.). His career began in New York City at Goldman, Sachs & Company. He started there in 1987 and was named a partner of this renowned investment firm in 1996. He left Goldman Sachs in 2002 so that he could join Fortress Investment Group. He also donates his time to a couple of charities in San Francisco, where he is now based.

The first of these is Tipping Point where he serves on their board. This organization helps low-income families in the Bay Area. He is also on the board of Caliber Schools which is a chartered school network.Beyond distressed debt, Peter Briger is also a big fan of buying cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. He had invested $5.9 million of Fortress Investment Group’s fund into bitcoin a number of years ago. The value of this investment had risen to $22 million when his company was bought by Softbank for $3.3 billion. Since that time the value of his investment has risen by over 550% to more than $142 million in value. He also had invested in what is called a fork offshoot called bitcoin cash and that is worth at least another $8 million.

Peter Briger is listed as a Forbes Top 100 Business Professional. They credited him with building a solid reputation as a leader and professional. They wrote that when he worked at Goldman Sachs he was on a number of important committees including ones like the Japan Executive Committee and the Global Control and Compliance Committee. They also wrote that at Fortress Investment Group he runs a team of over 300 people. They also point to his past charitable work such as supporting the Central Park Conservancy. Additionally, Peter Briger is on Princeton University Investment Company’s board of directors and once made a large financial donation to this university’s Princeton Entrepreneurship program.

Wes Edens Fortress Investment Group

Investing in alternative asset classes is a proven strategy for people who want to increase their investment returns. Over time, alternative asset classes provide higher returns than the stock market. However, investors must be willing to deal with high levels of volatility. Anyone who wants to invest in the future should consider working with Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group is a company that has produced superior returns over the past few decades.

Early Life and Career

Wes Edens has always had an interest in investing. He firmly believes that investing is the perfect solution for people who want to build wealth. Wes Edens is excellent at teaching people basic investing concepts. Over the past few years, he has increased his investment allocation in alternative asset classes.Wes Edens was really unhappy working for a large financial planning firm. He felt like he spent most of his time selling clients on expensive investment options. He decided to found Fortress Investment Group decades ago. Since that time, the company has expanded in various ways. Wes Edens plans to offer additional products and services to customers in the future.

Real Estate

Wes Edens is also an investor in real estate. In the last housing crash, Wes Edens was able to purchase various real estate properties for a low price. He teaches people how to invest in real estate based on their current income. Numerous people have had success buying investment properties to rent to clients.Although Wes Edens has had a successful career, he is still looking for ways to improve his company. He is excited about the plans for Fortress Investment Group in the coming years. He also plans to expand his role online. He wants to write online content related to investing advice.


In Brazil, e-commerce is one of the retail sectors that does not stop growing. According to data from Ebit – which measures the reputation of virtual stores through surveys of real consumers, generating strategic and tactical data for the online market – e-commerce traffic for 2017 was estimated at R $ 48.8 billion, 10% a year more than in 2016. All this growth and popularity of online commerce, however, also results in more demanding consumers – which forces retailers to innovate, offer new solutions, technologies and better consumer experiences, points out the entrepreneur in the field of retail, Rodrigo Terpins.


In this context, the IPNews Portal – a publication of Interactive Communication and a reference in journalistic content for Convergent Communication Systems – listed five payment technologies that promise to succeed in 2018 and improve the long-standing consumer experience. Check out.


Recurring Debit Payment without Authentication-


Rodrigo Terpins explains that until recently in Brazil, only subscribers with credit cards did not need to authenticate to make a payment. Already in the case of debit cards, the consumer was always directing to the page of the issuing bank,


where he had to enter his password and authorize the payment. This, however, has become a hindrance for companies who want to offer a recurring “invisible” customer debt collection experience in debt – and, well because of this, the debit mode as a form of payment was not being offered.


Adyen – a leading payment technology company offering a unique Global Platform – thinking about it, decided to innovate and develop for its Brazilian clients , among them Uber and Netflix, the unprecedented option to register debit card payments without it being necessary authentication. Check out for more details.


“This was made possible by the company’s technology platform, which bases its anti-fraud strategies on the intelligent handling of a high volume of data,” IPNews wrote.


Application Payment-


Currently, according to Adyen global data for October 2017, about 52% of online purchases are made by mobile devices – which is a good opportunity for retailers to leverage their in-app stores. This technology enables the consumer to make payment on an accessible and intuitive platform, reports Rodrigo Terpins. And the retailers that make use of it will already be ahead in 2018 and will have greater chances of customer loyalty, said the IPNews Portal.


Automatic update of card data-


If the consumer lost or had the card stolen, he had to cancel their subsctiption, and issue a new card, they also had to re-do their registration on websites, apps, an e-commerce platforms. Now,

however, Adyen has lauched a new technlogy for automation and data update, called Account Updater, which simplifies this process, says Rodrigo Terpins.


“It eliminates the need to re-register customer payment data. Now, this process can be done directly by the Adyen e-commerce customers, who will keep the information of the card data in the Visa and Mastercard flags, always updated. This avoids unintentional churn, interruptions or delays in delivering products and services to consumers, who often have their signatures canceled or suspended for lack of up-to-date data,” IPNews explained.


Digital Photo Frames-


In addition to credit, debit and billet cards, another form of payment that is growing nowadays are the digital wallets. An example is Pay with Google, which allows the consumer to make one-touch purchases on mobile devices running Android or Chrome browsers – that is, without having to repeatedly enter payment information or delivery address. Terpins points out that this data can be stored in a digital user profile on the Google system .


Data Intelligence-


According to the IPNews Portal, “payment habits are a valuable source of data to increase conversion, improve buying experience and leverage business.” “Intelligence in data processing is the key to driving more conversions and therefore consumers have a better experience with their approved transactions,” the report concluded.




A Romp in Sean Penn’s Mind with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

The novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, by Sean Penn, is new, as a book to be read, but it was actually released in 2016 in a shorter incarnation as an audiobook supposedly by Pappy Pariah, and narrated by Penn, the actual author.

This is a book for people who like madcap cult-classic books, and the authors who write them. Think, Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk, or Thomas Pynchon. It is for readers who enjoy digging through paragraphs of stream-of-conscious satire to get to deep, and often unsettling truths laying below the surface.

This is an action-packed, thought provoking, and, well, kind of crazy, romp through America’s current political, social, and economic climate, as Penn, the angry, concerned, sentimental, and vocal, social activist sees it. It has characters that are readily identifiable as people existing in politics, and other news worthy areas, today. It also has characters that are so over the top that they couldn’t possibly exist, but, are also just plausible enough, that maybe they do. It is an ambitious and at times bravely raw look at what is happening around us, and one man, who may be an assassin that takes out the elderly with a mallet to keep them from upsetting marketing endeavors and the global balance, and how he, in his own wildly crazy, and out of control way, deals with a world that is spinning out of control.

The language of the book is often at odds with itself, but in an interesting and not unsatisfying way. It runs the gamut from simple, stripped down prose that Hemingway could appreciate, to sentences so packed with rarely used multi-syllabic words that even Anne Rice would find it superfluous. “Scottsdale’s dry climate contradicts the clammy calescent of New Guinean condensation,” is an actual sentence that he wrote in this book. And there are a lot of similar sentences that perhaps, could have been more simply stated to deliver the same meaning, and probably with greater clarity. But, it is this juxtaposition of simple and complex, not just in the prose, but in the characters, and the ideas they represent, that ultimately make this a compelling read.

Matt Badiali Taps Into the Energy Industry Here In the United States

A lot of people are comfortable staying right where they are. They have their own little comfort zones, and they do not look around to see if there are better options available. That is why it is such a shame that so many people are going to miss out on the Freedom Checks that Matt Badiali teaches about. Some people will be afraid of scams, being that there are so many scams on the internet. It is hard to find a legitimate opportunity like the Freedom Checks that are being exposed by the well respected geologist, Matt Badiali. This is a legitimate opportunity that has to do with the goal of the United States to be energy independent. Visit the website to learn more.

First, who is Matt Badiali? Matt Badiali is an expert on natural resources. He has been studying mining, energy, agriculture, and more for many decades. He has taught geology at the esteemed Duke University and the well respected University of North Carolina. He has a boots on the ground approach to geology. This means that before advising his fans and followers about natural resources that they should invest in, he always visits a mining resource first to take a look at the natural resource or mineral. He always visits with the companies that mine these minerals so that he can find out whether or not it would actually make a good investment. He always wants to make sure that his followers are getting the best investment advice possible. This strategy has caused him to travel around the world. He has spent time in countries on six continents. He has visited the top oil and mineral moguls in the world. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunbchbase.

Matt Badiali also discovered a great investment opportunity called freedom checks. This comes from companies that operate in the natural resources in the United States. They work in production, processing, storage, and transportation. We are also including the companies that deal with oil and gas. These companies are going to be paying out almost thirty five billion dollars to investors over the next twelve years, according to the estimation of experts. This is because oil from the Middle East is trickling to a flow and the prices here are going up. If you are a smart investor, says Matt Badiali, you should invest in these companies. You will have the opportunity get a great return on your investment.