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Unique Among Men

Each person has to decide at some point in their life how they want to live, whether that choice is a conscious one or subconscious. The decision can be influenced by our upbringing, our friends, family, or coworkers. Sometimes it is for the good, and sometimes the bad. One particular person who has made it a point to fight for human rights is Thor Halvorssen.

Thor has a very fascinating upbringing as he is nearly of royal descent. Born and raised in Venezuela, his mother is a descendant of the first president of Venezuela, and his father, who is from Norway is the grandson of the king’s consul. Both of his parents at one time or another have been involved in human rights activities and have tried to help make the world a better place.

Among the many skills that Thor has learned beyond human rights activities is that he is also a film producer. He has ten films to his credit, including a few more popular ones such as 2081 and Uprising, and is currently working on Halo of Stars. He has been able to use film to also portray human rights and to show areas that need more attention.

Thor has also developed a great skill in writing, having written articles for news outlets and magazines around the world. He was able to write about an event involving his mother during a rally. His mother, while attending a peace rally in 2004 was shot. The Venezuelan government security apparatus opened fire on a crowd of people, his mother was one of those who were shot. She survived, however, one innocent bystander did not survive the deluge of bullets and Thor of resume.

Thor’s father also had a near death experience while working to infiltrate the Colombian cartel, he was captured and tortured as they believed him to be a terrorist. He survived 74 days in a Medellin jail. Thor worked with Amnesty International to help set his father free.

It is people like Thor and his family that help to make the world a better place. His actions speak louder than words.

The Social Crisis That Is Affecting Venezuela

Venezuela has experienced a wave of riots in the last few few weeks.In a report by Noticias 24, the looting that has come about because of the social problems in Venezuela has caused three people to lose their lives. The prosecutors office is investigating the death of these three people because they were shot during these protest. Many different shops and stores have become the targets of violence in Venezuela.
There have been crowds that have entered into stores chanting, “we want food!” According to Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez, every day this is happening more and more, and it has become a very big problem in Venezuela.

President Nicholas Maduro won the election after Hugo Chavez in 2013 and he is accusing his enemies of deliberately stirring up trouble and seeking a coup. The political opposition is trying to remove Maduro, who is a socialist, from office. They claim that the country is in turmoil because of him, and that the only solution to the countries problems is to get rid of the current president. More and More there are individuals that are agreeing with their sentiments.