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The Come Back of an Online Reputation Management Firm

Status Labs, a company based in Austin, Texas, may have felt some pain because of the negligence of its previous executive, but has bounced back to become stronger than ever.

Status Labs was founded by Darius Fisher as a crisis and online reputation management firm. In essence, a business such as Status Labs works to handle any personal relations issues a company may have over the internet. That can range from poor customer service mechanisms to inaccurate and negative reviews on sites such as Google and Yelp!.

Unfortunately for the company, however, the individual in the position of CEO engaged in reckless behavior outside of his role in his personal life. While the company was not at fault, it still felt the effect such a dilemma presented. However, that didn’t stop them from proving that Status Labs as a business was wholly professional and separate from its previous executive. Status Labs has bounced back by sheer responsibility it proper business practice.

Throughout its history, Status Labs has assisted more than 1,000 businesses and individuals. That is a very large amount, considering it was founded just six years ago.

Those at Status Labs know that PR is a fundamental aspect of a business and as a result, do more than just try to erase the bad history of its clients. They recognize that the only true way to improve a company is to change the way that they behave. As such, they applied this knowledge to their own company when it found itself in a quagmire.

The team resolved in the issue created by the ill performing executive called to the public to recognize them for the true and honest company that they were. They aimed to eliminate the false and negative history that the executive had left behind.

Status Labs is more than just a toxic executive. He damaged the reputation of a generally admirable, honest, and amazing company.