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Omar Boraie; A visionary Real Estate Investor

For a long time, few investors wanted to invest in real estate sector at New Brunswick. Therefore, quality office spaces, as well as residential apartments, needed to be built to give the city a new look. Omar Boraie; the president of Boraie Development is one of the investors who saw an opportunity to develop real estate properties that will provide quality housing as well as better working places. He saw the area terrible and security was also wanted as a result of abandoned plots and buildings.

Omar Moved to New Brunswick to attain a Ph.D. in chemistry. He is an Egyptian immigrant who had a desire to join real estate business. Around 1975, structures at the New Brunswick were wanting, and Boraie started buying plots and abandoned building along Albany Street with the aim of redeveloping the city. Many people saw him insane, but he had a vision of making the city modern with great commercial and residential buildings. The town required new office spaces as well as apartment to accommodate many workers in the city.

Boraie made arrangement and was set to start his first project in the city. In 1988 he launched Albany Street Plaza Tower One who offered first-class offices to the city residents. The offices were well designed and spacious enabling companies to have perfect spaces for their operations. In 2007 he and his company put the second Albany Street Tower Two and later went ahead to build Spring street condominium.

When it comes to apartments in New Brunswick, Boraie Development LLC has developed one of the largest apartments; Aspire Apartments. This apartment has excellent studio apartments that are well priced to accommodate people of different financial standards. The apartments are located near New Brunswick Train Station making it convenient to travel to Philadelphia as well as Manhattan.

Boraie Development LLC has been the leading company in reals estate business at New Brunswick. It offers credible property management as well as marketing services. The company develops high-quality real estate properties that are giving residents something to make them smile. Residents are getting quality houses and offices at affordable rental charges. For those who want to buy, the prices are also fair, and there is no doubt about quality.

Boraie Development works with the best financial institutions, contractors as well as experienced architects. This ensures that they develop properties that are attractive and add value to the city. With a 30 years’ experience and a track record, Boraie development LLC remain the best reals estate company in New Brunswick as well as New Jersey. You can search more info on Yahoo.

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Real estate development in the U.S. By jason halpern

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

JMH Development is a real estate development company which is much experienced in residential and commercial properties across the U.S. The company has a record of designing and developing the major markets in the city such as Miami, Brooklyn and Williamsburg. One of the reasons for the great success of the company is its great leadership under Jason Halpern. With his knowledge, experience, focus and vision, Jason has led his company in getting contracts in constructing and developing of historical buildings

Mr. Halpern is the Co- Founder and principal of JMH Development. He is one of the people who have set record in New York City in real estate development. Under Jason’s leadership, MJH has undertaken several projects. Some of them include the 184 Kent project to build 340 luxury apartments from a warehouse and the Townhouses of Cobble Hill project to add 9 luxury houses in Brooklyn. The company is currently undertaking condominium projects in 8945 Collins Ave, 2901 Indian Greek Dr. and 300 Collins Ave in Miami Beach. One of JMH’s project; topping of of the Aloft south Beach was sold in 2015 for $105 million.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Moreover, Jason is unique in his own way in that he has a passionate in the development of historical sites. He is also committed to his work and has invested massive resources and time in projects as a way of bringing back to the community. Jason donates to the Westchester Medical Center through the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. Through the contributions of Halpern and others, the Center has been able to offer open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery. In 2015, JMH launched a partnership to facilitate the donation of water to countries that suffer water problems such as Nepal and Ethiopia. It has donated $20,000 of every contract signed.

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JMH Development is a leader in real estate industry with experience as developer and also owner of major properties across the U.S.; both residential and commercial. It makes great use of technology and creativity to come up with quality, unique and distinctive luxury properties. One of the strength of JMH is its able team who are engaged in the development process. The team is engaged in all the stages such as due diligence, design, construction, marketing and even branding. The team understands the market place very well and use their extensive skills and expertise to ensure that their products are at the top of the market. The philosophy of historic preservation has enabled the company to focus on restoring historic properties and project reuse. Despite the great success of JMH, Jason remains dedicated, involved, and committed in the development of real estates, ensuring that the community around him benefit from them and also from the different projects he has initiated.