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Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Jeniffer Walden

Jennifer Walden practices cosmetic surgery in Austin Texas. She specializes in facial surgery and also does breast augmentation surgery. Reviews show that Dr. Jennifer’s practice is bent on ensuring that clients are well informed before they arrive at a decision on what procedure they want if any. This practice also aspires to make clients look and ultimately feel their best.


According to reviews, Dr. Walden is at her peak seeing as she has been awarded on many occasions. Walden won the 2005 ‘Best Scientific Exhibit Award’. She is also the 1998 award winner of the ‘Herman Barnett Memorial’ prize. She has also bagged the ‘Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award‘ the ‘Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award, and the ‘Merck Manual Award. All these were clinched in 1998.

In 1992, Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews also won other awards such as the ‘Golden Key National Honor’ Award by ‘University of Texas’. The same year she was awarded by the ‘Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society’ of the ‘University of Texas’. The university’s other society; ‘Epsilon Delta Premedical’, also honored her in 1992 through to 1994.


As stated Dr. Walden practices cosmetic surgery. She specializes in areas such as: breast reduction, augmentation, reconstruction and breast implant change or removal. She can do an eye lift, otherwise known as blepharoplasty. In addition, Dr. Walden reviews show client appreciation of her Botox treatment for facial rejuvenation. She does forehead lifts, lip augmentation, cheek implants, chin implants and liposuction. Other areas of specialty include: rhinoplasty, breast lift, wrinkle reduction, otoplasty and microtia.

Education and Training

Dr. Walden got her bachelor’s degree from ‘The University of Texas’ in 1994. She graduated with a BA in Biology. Four years later Walden returned to ‘University of Texas’ where she earned her MD, graduating with honors in 1998.

Dr. Walden is widely published. She started publishing in 1999 and reviews show that her work is well received in medical circles and medical training institutions as well.

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