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What Brian Bonar Says About Investing In European ETFs Right Now

For investors who are willing to take a risk on the European markets, now may be a good time to buy ETFs while their price is very low. Brian Bonar, an entrepreneur and investor certainly believes they’re ripe for the taking in light of France’s presidential election this last year.

This is in part because the new French President Emmanuel Macron is believed to have policies much more friendly to global trade as opposed to the protectionist views that his opponent Marie Le Pen held. Brian Bonar also believes that with the potential for economic growth to come, the euro could see its value increase and ETFs have a chance to takeoff.

Brian Bonar is an entrepreneur that has been most known for building professional employer organization (PEO) companies based in San Diego. The company he’s served the longest as Chairman for is the Dalrada Financial Corporation, but he’s recently focused more of his attention to Trucept Inc.

This company services smaller businesses by providing accounting, tax services, insurance, paid vacations and 401k plans. They help companies by recruiting and hiring new employees and allowing the companies to focus on growth and daily tasks, but the companies do still have the authority to hire or terminate employees at will. The PEO is usually listed on the employees’ tax returns.

Prior to founding the Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept, Bonar worked with various IT and print service companies. He was born in Scotland and received his formal education in business from Strathclyde University. He later completed his MBA at Staffordshire University while working on the side at IBM UK Ltd.

He spent 17 years at IBM where he sold different components such as motherboards and chips to enterprise clients all across the globe. He joined QMS Inc. in the late 1980s where he worked with software engineers in designing managed service solutions. He then joined Adaptec and Rastek printing companies and cofounded Bezier Systems just prior to joining the team at ITEC Imaging Solutions, which later became the Dalrada Financial Corporation. He’s also served on the boards of the Amanda Company and Allegiant Professional Services.

In 2013 Brian Bonar decided to try investing in small restaurants and turning them into profitable fine dining establishments. He bought up various small buildings across Escondido, CA and started hiring some of the finest chefs and cooks in the area. He even brought Master Chef of France Patrick Ponsaty to be the managing chef at Bellamy’s, a pub with a mixed cuisine that Bonar took a keen interest in.

When he’s not in the offices of Trucept or busy looking for restaurants to buy, Bonar helps non-profit groups such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Diego, or goes out boating or golfing on San Diego’s courses.