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ORTHOPEDIC Surgery- Dr. finch Greg

Orthopedic surgery is the surgical operation that involves the muscles and the skeletons in the body. Some of the skeleton and muscles pain can be solved without surgery depending on the seriousness of the condition. An orthopedic doctor will examine the patient and determine what kind of procedure they require. There are different types of orthopedic procedures which are very common among human beings. Below are some of the top most orthopedic procedures.

• Joint replacement: patients who have suffered severe arthritis undergo total joint replacement. During the joint surgical operation, the orthopedic experts identify the parts of the joint which are damaged and replace it with plastic and metal surfaces that restore the normal movement of the joint.

• Spine surgery: most patients who seek the doctors’ attention for spine surgery is because of the severe back pain. The procedure is meant to join the spinal joints together limits the stretching of the nerves and the movement of the bones.

• Total Shoulder surgery: the process helps patients to reduce pain. It involves the replacement of the bone with a metal or a plastic implant.

Doctor Greg Finch is an orthopedic doctor who has been in the forefront to improve the lively hoods of the skeleton and muscles patients in the world. Greg Finch is also a leader in the medical industry. He is responsible for guiding the transformational learning environments of people. Dr. Finch does this through Field Service for National Center for Creative Aging. This project which is led by Dr. Finch is supported by various institutions including National and Global Conferences, NCCA, and caregiving initiatives among others.

Greg Finch is a leader who for an extended period of time has shown positive leadership. He is not only a doctor but he also serves at George Washington University as an adjacent faculty. George Mason University is another educational institutional that Greg Finch serves. Dr. Finch holds a doctorate in medicine alongside other degrees.