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A Better Internet Experience

Quickly gaining traction in terms of overall popularity in the market place, are wireless internet companies that are coming out with options that are far cheaper than most mainstream internet providers. The reality is, people can’t afford to pay the outrageous prices that most wireless internet providers are attempting to charge, or at the very least, people are not willing to pay the high costs anymore. One of the most frustrating things that a great deal of individuals have to deal with is paying for a plan that involves extras that they don’t need, as well as locking them into contracts that require them to pay a lot of money, over a long period of time.

Companies such as FreedomPop have come out with a new plan, which has served very well in getting internet access to those people that don’t want to pay the high costs. FreedomPop has a ton of different options that can be utilized, which can give a person access to the internet just about anywhere. If you want to use their smaller plans, you can simply use one of their Freedom Sticks, which is a USB stick that gives the user access to the internet. You can kind of think about this as a USB stick that can get you online on just about any computer, provided it has a USB outlet. There are also a handful of smaller devices that can be carried around, which serve as hot spots, which can be accessed from phones, tablets and computers. If you have an iPod, FreedomPop makes a device that can slip on the back of the iPod, which essentially takes a regular old iPod, which can only play music, and turns it into an iPhone that can access the internet. If you have an old iPod sitting around that you think is useless, you may be able to get a cheap or free plan that can get you access to the internet functions of an iPhone.

Reading each FreedomPop review online will give you a pretty accurate portrayal of how great of a company they are, so if you are looking to lower the costs of your internet each month, or just want to check out some other viable options, this is a great place to start. Internet costs are something that should be way cheaper each month, so see if you can get access for cheap or free with FreedomPop.