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Advantages of having a Wikipedia Page and how Inappropriate Edits can damage Reputations

People who use the internet can sometimes be cheeky in a way that may end up ruining the reputation of an individual or a company. For example, when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up, Twitter users reacted in various ways. Some internet users used the story to make fun of Jennifer Aniston while others attacked Taylor Swift. All this was considered to be a joke until some individuals took it too far and made Wiki edits to Marion Cotillard’s Wikipedia page to match claims that she led to the breakup of the power couple. Rumors had emerged that Marion Cotillard, who is currently 40-years-old, had an affair with Brad Pitt. The gossip has never been confirmed. Due to these allegations, Marion’s account had two Wikipedia revisions made to it. The first editing changed her occupation title to “Reason why the power couple broke up.” After a while, another internet user edited it to say “Singer, actress, cheater.” Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard are actors of “Allied,” which is a movie that will be released in November. There are high chances that the new film will be perceived differently by the viewers.

Wikipedia is one of the best platforms that can be used for creating a reputation for a company or an individual. All entrepreneurs strive to build the image of their ventures and to make a Wikipedia page is a perfect method. However, it is not easy to create a Wiki page since the policies of the site are strict, and if they are not followed, the administrators can bring it down. The best way to deal with this problem is by hiring the professional Wikipedia editors who know the kind of content that they can post on the pages. Owning an account on the site has various benefits such as having the trust of the client, passing the correct information about a brand or individual, creating traffic, and boosting sales of a company.

One of the best places to hire a Wikipedia editor is at Get Your Wiki. The site has many professionals who can make the best pages, and they offer services that can increase the online presence of the subject. Creating a page on the site is tiresome since one needs to understand the rules and avoid flagging or closure. The Wiki experts at Get Your Wiki only need a short description of what an individual needs to post on the page. They also guarantee their client a frequent update of information. The Wiki pages that they write are perfect, and they cannot be flagged or closed by Wikipedia.

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