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Leading Correctional Communication Provider Receives The Stevie Award

Securus Technologies is well known for being a inmate communication regulation provider. They’re responsible for inmate telephone monitoring, surveillance, and safety. The goal is to ensure the safety of the general public against criminal telecommunications. They are committed to the highest level of customer service and this has led to them recently winning the Stevie Award as an inmate calling provider. Amazingly, over 75 judges were responsible for giving them this prestigious customer service award. After realizing that they’re already providing top security features for inmates and their loved ones they decided to become a network provider with customer service satisfaction as a top priority.


More Customers Are Choosing Securus Technologies


You can get features with Securus Technologies that aren’t available through other network providers. Their team of highly trained IT professionals are there to assist you 24/7. They offer their customers features that include remote visitation features and prepaid telephone services. Securus has partnered with some of the best in the industry to bring inmates and their families technological features that will save them time and money. If you have a disable out-of-state relative they no longer have to worry about the lengthy commute to a correctional facility to visit a love one. They demand that their competitors find more ways to allow their customers to talk more and spend less to successfully compete with their services.


Securus Technologies Features:


Remote Visitation


You can now visit your loved ones online through a Securus Technologies and Vimeo partnership. Your loved ones can pay a small processing free and visit their loved ones over a high definition video that gives you complete control.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates can purchase an access account that will allow their friends, loved ones, and legal counsel to leave them a message at any time. They never have to miss another important message again with this handy Securus Technologies feature.


Become a valuable Securus Technologies customer by visiting their exclusive website today.


Kate Lengyel: Employment in Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies usually employ new Associates. On their first day of employment, we help the new Associates learn the Securus Integrity Pledge to our clients. This plays a great role in helping them realize all the important things at Securus Technologies. They get to know that our people, programs as well as our technology matter a lot. It’s our great hope that our Associates always stand to be open and honest in our each and everyday operation. This plays a great role in ensuring that they provide the best customer service and learn as much as they can about the importance of their work. This also helps them to be responsible and truthful as they interact with our clients by portraying respect, integrity as well as dignity to our clients in all their dealings.


The Associates stands to be the backbone of Securus Technologies. The success of this company depends on our adherence to this pledge each and every day. We always ensure that we conduct conference calls all through the year so as to communicate all across the organization with every staff member. This offers all the executives a good opportunity to share out with all the Associate’s matters in regard to financial progress, share customer feedback, information on the acquisition, celebrate the company’s success as well as recognition of some associates for their achievements. This was brought forward by the Vice President of Human resources, Kate Lengyel.


We are always on the move searching for different ways in which we can improve the experience of the Associates at Securus Technologies. These Associates are always granted a chance to their opinions through an annual workplace satisfaction survey. Since the start of these surveys in 2010, the scores have raised by 14.5%. In addition to this, Securus Technologies have received over 1,500 comments as well as the improving ideas. These comments, feedback in conjunction with suggestions help to create actionable items to improve the organization.


Christmas Holiday Using the Securus System

More individuals are beginning to realize that Securus is one of the best communication systems on the market when it comes to prison families all over the country. Prison families normally have very difficult times when it comes to keeping in touch with their loved ones as regularly as they would like. If this has been a problem for you in the past, it is a good idea for you to consider utilizing a system like Securus to finally have the communication that you have always dreamed of achieving.


Now that it is almost Christmas, it is very important for you to consider using a system like Securus to benefit from this and yourself as well. You will finally have the good quality communication that you have always wanted for yourself without worrying that it is going to be a problem for you and could be exactly what you need to feel confident in the work that is being done. A great thing about using this amazing system is that it allows for Christmas video visitation services that you will find to be incredibly beneficial each and every time you make use of them.


It is good for you to consider looking more into secure it so that you can see if it is right for you as it has been for a lot of other individuals in the same situation that you are in. Do not feel like you are alone when it comes to having a loved one in prison during the holiday season because this is a harsh reality for so many families all around the country. In fact, I have dealt with this in the past myself and found secure is to be a good solution to the problem that I was facing each and every day.


It is very important for you to consider utilizing secure it for your own benefit and to see if it can help you as it has for a lot of other individuals who are struggling to be able to see their loved one in the prison system because it is not convenient for them to get to the prison itself and this can seriously put a damper on the fact that they have a relationship with this individual who has been put behind bars and whom they cannot see as regularly as they would like.


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Securus Technologies

Solutions For Every Need At Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is your all in one software provider when it comes to Public Safety Solutions, Monitoring Solutions, Corrections Solutions and Investigative Solutions. This BBB A+ accredited company provides Information management can be ascertained via the Securus XJAIL or the Securus AIS. Telephone services, instant mail, video visitation, and voicemail all services in the communication sector provided by Securus Technologies.
STOP BLUtag, BLUband, and BLU+ are all Monitoring Solutions that were designed to fit every possible scenario. Investigative Solutions such as secure as threads and Securus location based services along with biometric analysis help make Securus Technologies a leader in the industry. According to PR Newswire, they have acquired Jpay Inc.just recently.

Emergency Response and Incident Management are amongst the biggest concerns when it comes to Public Safety Solutions provided and offered at Securus Technologies. No matter what your need is Securus Technologies has the solution that is viable for you.

I was pleasantly pleased when I learned of all the dedication that Securus Technologies brings to the table when it comes to the areas of investigative Solutions, Public Safety Solutions, and Monitoring Solutions alone.

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