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OSI Industries : Setting the Trend in Value Addition

OSI Industries has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of food products to retail food brands around the world. The company prides itself of a global food supply chain and extensive capabilities when it comes to developing custom food products.

Currently, OSI industries has operations in more than 17 countries with 65 facilities spread across different regions. The company has grown into a major corporate business with over 20,000 employees working in its processing and value-addition facilities. This is a remarkable achievement considering the fact that the company had very humble beginnings.

The American immigrant experience shaped the company’s history in a great way. The company began as a small retail meat market in 1909 under the initiative of Otto Kolschowsky who was a member of the German immigrant-community in Chicago. In fact, the first butcher shop was in Oak Park, Chicago. The significant number of German immigrants in Chicago formed the company’s customer base during its initial years. Chicago was a major entry point for German immigrants who were largely served by Otto’s family butcher shop. In 1928, the family-based business was rebranded as Otto & Sons.

After the Second World War, the company entered into a partnership with MacDonald as its main supplier of freshly ground meat and has since then established partnerships with other franchises around the world. The company took off and experienced massive growth after it became the major supplier for Macdonald’s restaurants in the United States and other parts of the world. As the number of McDonald restaurants increased, Otto & Sons got more business. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

By 1975, the company had transitioned into a two-track company due to its historic connection with MacDonald and rebranded to OSI industries. The company had developed into a technologically advanced company after building its first plant in 1973 in Chicago. It was quite evident that the company was no longer the family butcher shop that was set up at the beginning of the 20th century. In order to expand internationally, the company had to change its leadership structure as part of the transition. Since then, OSI industries has established other 64 plants outside Chicago to meet the needs of its clients. OSI Group acquires Baho Food


3 things OSI Group Has Done to Stay on the Top 100 Food Companies List

Businesses all over the globe are striving every day to be successful in their industries. Since not all companies are the same nor have the same interest, the strategies and techniques used can be significantly different today. Fortunately, however, with the latest advances in technology, companies are using everything that can to distinguish themselves from the competition. This is one of the top reasons why OSI group is now on America’s Top 100 Food Companies list and they are planning to stay there. To that end, if you really want to become familiar with what these companies have done and what they are presently doing to beat out their competition in the Food industry, you should review these 3 things to see what they have done to remain in the top 100.

#1 – Super High Superior Standards

To start, OSI Group is not playing when they are offering their products and their services. From its inception in 1909, this family meat business begun by offering their customers the best fresh meat in their community and surrounding. Therefore, there was a natural attraction to the meat that they were providing to their customers. In fact, it did not long to capture the attention of McDonald’s in their earlier stages and they have grown along with McDonald’s and have become a major supplier of fresh meat in their area.

#2 – Global Buying Power

Another benefit that the OSI group has taken advantage of over the years is their global buying power. Unlike others in the same or similar industry, they have positioned themselves well to have access to virtually everything that they need to service their customers. With constant innovations and growth that continuously evolves, they have the ability to service various restaurant food industries and retail establishments too. This is because their range of resources includes packaging facilities, processing plants and they have access to various global networks that keep them connected as a leader in food supply.

3. Global Financial Backing Available

No matter how good a food company is, there are certain things that can keep them in the back conducting business after the leader in the food industry. Simply put, lack of backing can easily become a handicap to the growth of any food business. So, one of the most important factors in this particular scenario is having the resources needed to keep every facet of the OSI Group operation running smoothly for the long run. For example, the OSI group has the financial backing that is needed to ensure all of their clients remain happy and pleased with the products and services provided. As a result of these and other similar factors, they have room to also grow and evolve as they should. This is especially true even the objective and goal are creating a new method of processing for the meat to remain fresh as well as high-quality food. In fact, this is one of the top reasons why this food Group can supply what their customers need without having any unnecessary operational or administrative issues.

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OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production and reaches More Customers

OSI Food Solutions is one of America’s food companies that are ranked among the top 100. OSI is the first ever supplier of custom-made food that provides value addition for its customers. OSI is a privately owned American company that has gone international. The company now runs food outlets in Europe and other regions. It has also acquired important businesses dealing in food and expanded its market share in the process.

Why OSI Stays in the Food Market Lead

OSI Food Solutions has refined its operations through its numerous outlets across the globe. Its decision to provide custom foods and to run a global network of food outlets starting from the source point to distribution has made it stand out from the crowd. The company has over 65 outlets across the globe. It employs over 20 000 people. It has its operations up and running across 17 countries. OSI Food Solutions enjoys the experience it has acquired from its 100 years existence.

An impressive record in Spain

The OSI Food Solutions outlet in Spain has recently increased its production of chicken products. The company has installed a new high capacity production plant in Toledo. The project cost the food chain operator over 17 million Euros. The production line was completed in January and is now ready to serve the thousands of its customers from Toledo and elsewhere. The new production line has the capacity to handle 24 000 chicken annually. The figure shows that the food company has effectively doubled its chicken production. It had been doing about 12 000 chicken in the same period. Chicken is just one of the products that OSI Food Solutions deals in. The company also processes beef and pork. The chicken production now makes the total tonnage from the food chain in Toledo to add to 45 000, including the beef and pork processing figures. The production increase is based on the rising demand for the products in Portugal and Spain. The company runs its independent market research and says its new investments are a result of its goal of responding to the needs of its current and potential customers.

Awards and Recognitions

OSI Food Solutions has won accolades internationally and locally. The company outlet in the UK was awarded the Globe of Honor by the Safety Council of the UK. The company was cited for an exemplary job at managing environmental risks. It was one of the 18 global organizations lined up for rewards in 2016. The group is currently headed by Sheldon Lavin. His experience in the meat industry is said to have helped the group maneuver to the top in the meet production segment.

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