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Arthur Becker is a Leader in Info Tech and Bio-Tech Industries

Arthur Becker is based in New York and was currently the Chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC. In 2012, Zinio experienced an executive shuffle in which Arthur Becker, among David Gilmour, Bill Gray, Bill Grabe, and David Roth were named as the members of the executive board. Whereas, Michelle Bottomley was named the president and Rusty Lewis the CEO while the CEO and co-founder Rich Maggiotto became the Chief Innovation Officer.

According to the NY Times, he previously served as the chief executive officer of NaviSite Company, which offered application and technology management services to clients in UK and US. He worked at NaviSite Inc., as from 2003 to 2010. NaviSite is a NASDAQ listed company. The Company was providing cloud-based application management and data center hosting.

NaviSite provides a complete suite of scalable and reliable managed services, including Managed Cloud Services for organizations seeking to outsource IT infrastructure and cut operational and capital costs. At NaviSite he was involved in critical processes and activities such as financing, development of business strategies and overseeing mergers and acquisitions.

Becker had served in the capacity of the director and vice president at ClearBlue Technologies Inc., as from 2000 to 2003 before he joined Navisite Inc. ClearBlue Technologies is a revered Smart Off-Grid organization that combines communication and cloud computing technology with green energy technology for the development of the off-grid lighting, mobile solutions, and security systems.

The ClearBlue Technologies was started with the purpose of buying-out and acquiring distressed tech organizations dealing in Internet infrastructure and services. The ClearBlue Technologies is a predecessor-in-interests of the current Atlantic Company. Becker is the co-founder of Atlantic Company. As per the Record Date, Atlantic was holding approximately 36.5% of the Common Stock concerning the outstanding shares in NaviSite.

Becker is the managing member and founder of other investment and technology companies. It includes Impower, which is London-based Company that provides technology consulting services to the government. The second Company is the Advance Partners LLC that provides various financial advisory services to the Global Switch and Cendent Corporation in the UK. The other is the Madison Technology LLC, which is a New York-based technology organization that is dealing with the management of investments. View his full bio on

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Introducing Fabletics: The Expansion

Fabletics: An Introduction
One of the best athleisure brands available to consumers worldwide is Fabletics. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is a company that offers subscriptions to its customers. With these subscription, you will receive one new outfit each month at a reasonable rate that never changes. This incentive is great for those who love athleisure and would like to add to their growing wardrobe. Fabletics offers a wide variety of athletic wear that comes in bold, unique and fun colors and styles that you won’t see elsewhere. By visiting the site you can sign up to subscribe but you are not locked in- if you ever want to skip a month, no problem! What makes Fabletics so great is it’s unique way you get the clothes. In the past year, Fabletics decided to make some expansion changes, making it even easier for consumers to find the right styles for them.

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Fabletics turnaround story

Fabletics’ Fab Plans
Not only will Fabletics continue to grow their collection, but they’ve decided to add a completely new spin on athleisure. They will add a line of dresses and swimwear- something you likely will not see in most competitors lines of athletic wear. In addition, they’ve introduced some retail stores this past year. This adds a whole new perspective to Fabletics fans. You can now go inside a store, feel fabrics and materials, find the perfect fit, and fall in love with all the available styles. Since the addition, they’ve not only gotten more retail customers, but they’ve gained a whole new slew of subscribers, which was their original intention. Since the added success, they’ve made the decision to go forward with more stores within the United States. By doing so, more people will get familiar with the clothing and how much they truly will love subscribing to get new styles every month. This business venture is one of many that Fabletics will have- their success has been wild this year. They are set to bring in a large sum of two hundred and fifty million. Since the athleisure trend seems to be here to stay, their success is likely to grow more and more in the coming years.

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