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Magnises Offers A New Way To Enjoy Social Life Offline

Magnises is a company that is creating a platform on which individuals can meet to socialize the way they do online, but this time offline. The company has created a kind of social network that allows members to attend parties, meet new people and make friends. It is a benefits platform that helps its members to explore cities and go places in their lives.

What Magnises is trying to bring to the offline world is a different experience that can allow them to have memorable times while unwinding to a new environment. It Offers immediacy, interactivity and convenience that most people are appreciating. In recent past, lifestyle startups came to the scene and it appears they are gaining traction since many people would like to enjoy the real social experience away from the online virtual world on

This is exactly what Magnises is allowing members to enjoy since you are brought together with different people and the celebrations are held in different cities. Originally launched in August 2013, Magnises has grown in terms of membership and more people are looking forward to try the experience offered by the community. It is among few that have come with a creative solution to the social barriers that have barred many people from exploring the world.

Experiences and benefits
One of the benefits members of Magnises enjoy is the fact some select restaurants and bars offer discounts whenever you flash your card to prove membership on More social venues are partnering with the company to offer an exclusive experience, so you are assured to enjoy some happy moments even when not attending the parties.

This is a great initiative that will see more people join the company to feel the greatness passed to members. Additionally, the membership fee is not high. You have options as low as $257 annually and you are allowed to access unlimited fun while at the events with other members. Through Magnises, members are able to access a set of professional and cultural experiences that work together with their interests.

The experiences offered include members-only concerts, art previews and tastings from prolific chefs at leading galleries. Around their cities of choice, members can enjoy perks and benefits that include all-access passes into leading clubs and pricing tickets that allow them to attend hot sporting events and shows. These provisions also extend to complimentary upgrades that cover travel bookings to destinations across the world.

The community
Through the on-demand concierge application, Magnises members live with a personal assistant available at their palms. The app offers suggestions leading to events within cities and dining nightlife that can interest one based on the interests selected. There are selected hotspots in every city where members can meet with their guests to relax and have drinks.

Every member is issued a Magnises personalized card black in color that they can also use to settle bills if linked to an existing debit card. This is the most revolutionary community because members are allowed to enjoy different perks without having to spend a lot.