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A true Community Bank

NexBank is a leading community bank based in Dallas, Texas. NexBank SSB is a division of NexBank Capital, Inc., a nationwide provider of financial services that range from mortgage banking to commercial banking as well as investment banking. NexBank offers diverse banking services and products to a broad base of customers that include financial institutions, institutional clients and big corporations. The middle level companies and real estate investors are among the consumers of NexBank services. As at December 31, 2016, the bank was worth over $4.6 billion in assets.

The bank boasts a diverse blend of talent that has a wide range of skills and expertise with strong commitment to customer satisfaction. The appointment of Mary Pirrello as the president of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (TMBA) exhibits the rich talent housed in NexBank. Ms. Pirrello, who is the bank’s Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending, was appointed to serve the 2016 to 2017 term.

In 2016, the company successfully raised $24 million. John Holt, Chief Executive Officer and President of NexBank Capital, applauded the shareholders’ quick response to raising capital that will help keep NexBank on growth trajectory. In 2015, the bank acquired College Savings Bank, a bank concentrating on college-savings programs. Matt Siekielski, Executive VP and COO of NexBank Capital, Inc., said the acquisition would give the institution an opportunity to serve more customer needs at the same time helping families to save for college education. Since it was acquired, College Bank has not rebranded; it only operates as a division of NexBank. Founded in 1997, College Savings Bank has acted as a partner in helping parents save for their children’s higher education.

NexBank was ranked among the top ten best-performing community banks by S&P Global Market Intelligence. The Bank is also committed to community service. During the sniper attack in downtown Dallas, it donated funds to support the affected families.