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Troy McQuagge is awarded for providing Affordable Health Care Insurance

In 2016, Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH Group, a leading service provider for health insurance, bagged the One Planet Awards thanks to his enormous efforts in extending the services of his company across many states in America. The chief executive officer has been a force to reckon with in the industry of health care insurance.


While giving his speech of appreciation, McQuagge said that he was honored to have received positive public recognition from the society. This was a mark of achievement filled with respect because it indicated that the community held him in high regards. McQuagge further stated that the award was not only for him but also for his team of staff in the USHEALTH Group. According to Troy, he was recognized for leading a team of professional that aided in the provision of affordable health care packages for Americans. It was therefore right to conclude that he was nothing without the team. He appreciated the efforts of his team as he received the One Planet Awards for the chief executive officer of the year.

One Planet Awards

One Planet Awards are universally conferred to firms from various walks of life. The awards aim at recognizing all types of employees from different industries from marketing, public relations, corporate enterprises, executives, team leaders as well as organizations. The awards honor excellence through a proper determination of the individual’s performance. From private firms to public institutions, One Planet Awards have designedly been placed to motivate hard working people in various industries and more information click here.

Troy’s Profile

Troy McQuagge is a career executive hailing from Panama in the city of Florida. He graduated from the Central University of Florida before the commencement of his thirty years career in sales and marketing. Troy’s career began at Allstate Insurance in 1983. He left the company in 1995 to join UICI, a division of student insurance. His experience earned him a promotion at UGA where he was appointed the president of the enterprise. This is an agency of UICI division. Troy led UGA Insurance to make over $ 1 billion profits before he quit joining the USHEALTH Group. Currently, he is the chief executive officer with extensive sales and management experience. He provides affordable health care insurance to patients through the USHEALTH Group and learn more about Troy.


Key Elements About Sam Boraie

Sam, a renowned real estate developer has been focusing mainly on urban growth. The son of Omar Borarie holds an influential position at Borarie Development. Omar, an Egyptian bred entrepreneur is known to have founded the venture where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Sam Boraie alongside his two siblings and other prominent persons serve as Vice Presidents in the business.

Sam Boraie’s unrelenting attention in real estate together with his colleagues triggers them to redefine development in the main cities they settle on. They endeavor in a wide array of projects such as; office spaces, apartments as well as retail. Although in the past they have been mainly in Brunswick area, they are slowly settling on Atlantic City area, even as the State recovers from their former situation of economic recession.

Sam’s Focus in Philanthropy

While Sam channels much of his energy in business, he still takes on some significant charitable works. State Theatre of New Jersey is one of the main organizations where he directs loads of positive energy. He and other locally based entrepreneurs sit in the Board of Trustees of the organization. In fact, it is right to say that Sam Boraie family and the development company are the main supporters of the same.

Sam also has a hand in Elijah’s Promise, an organization that makes all efforts to eradicate poverty all over the New Jersey State. The company’s main objective has been to deal with food shortage, create business opportunities for the populace and also create awareness on the need to embrace the jobs. When it comes to planning for the company goals and implementation, Sam is always involved as sits on the Board of Directors.

Urban Work Strategy in Brunswick

The area is a beneficiary from Borarie Development especially on the formerly neglected areas around the state. When he went to Brunswick for his PhD forty years ago, Mr. Omar saw opportunities in the University town, and such are the ones that his family firm is exploiting. The New York-design apartment tower being raised at One Spring Street is simply matchless. The town has not known such thrilling beauty before.

The apartments are meant to have 120 houses of one, two and three bedrooms, having more of the two bedrooms of various designs. It is the big thing around the town and sales for the houses have already begun. At Borarie, they enjoy exploiting that underutilized parcel to bring value to it. They are also committed to coming up with unique structures for the sake of expansion and urbanization.


The Borarie Development has had great society influence. They have employed between 11 and 50 people. Notably, the firm has realized commendable success over the years, which is attributed to the able leadership. The family business has also played a central role in developing Brunswick area, where Mr. Omar, the far-sighted icon had seen the vision and was thought to be crazy in his attempt implement his dream. Right now what the company has offered is just a tip of the iceberg as there are many more mind-blowing projects underway.

Fixing Search Results For A Client

When it comes to a business, the search engines are what determines its success. Also search engines not only contain a business and information about the business, but it also contains reviews and comments about it. Therefore, it is important for business owners to manage their own online reputation and be careful about what is released on the search engines. Any information or piece of content that paints the person in a negative light is going to cause a lot of damage to his career and business. This is why online reputation management companies are worth looking into. They can help get any client that is suffering from a reputation crisis back on track.

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One such company that is making a huge impact in the online reputation management industry is The Search Fixers. They understand the importance of search engine optimization in business. Therefore, they take the time to provide the optimized content to search engines. Before one knows it, his business will be back on track thanks to the talents and skills of the professionals of The Search Fixers. They make sure that they provide content that outranks the bad content in all of the keywords that they are ranking. This makes sure that the client has nothing that will lead back to him from a negative source.

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However, one does not have to wait until a crisis comes his way in order to find an online reputation management company. In fact, many online reputation management firms recommend that each person that is starting a business get started on their efforts towards managing their reputation. In many cases, it is better to establish a good online reputation among people so that it will be easier to fight off any bad press.

One thing that one does not want to do when someone spreads some bad information about him is to get caught up in the mud. This usually makes the person that is being slammed look even worse. It is better to take the time to continue to offer great service to loyal customers. For people that are being served well, a bad press will less likely impact them and influence them towards leaving the business.

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