GreenSky : A Rising Leader in Financial Technology


GreenSky LLC is a publicly traded company founded in 2006 and with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years, the company has built relationships with customers by financing various projects including retail, patient credit, home improvement, solar and unsecured loans among others. The company has dealings and a reputation across all the 50 states.

How GreenSky does business

GreenSky is essentially a financial technologies provider. As such, the company provides technology to merchants and banks enabling them to make loans to customers for various purposes. Wikipedia observes that GreenSky  programs are financed by federally-insured state and federal chartered financial institutions.

The nature of financing makes GreenSky one of the best fintech providers in the market.

Why Choose GreenSky  

Since the company was founded in 2006, GreenSky has played a significant role in revolutionizing consumer credit and small businesses. The financial technology providers has facilitated and enabled consumers to access more affordable and universal financing.

Despite being the industry for slightly more than a decade, GreenSky has managed to achieve tremendous success and reliability. The Wikipedia and the Wall Street Journal document much of the company’s achievements. For instance, GreenSky  raised $5 million in capital and launched a $2 billion lending program with Fifth Third Bancorp of Cincinnati, Ohio. Also, the financial technology provider had facilitated and enabled provision of nearly $5 billion through their credit program.

Upon raising the substantial capital, the company was valued at $3.6 billion, making it one of the leading financial technology providers in the US. The company’s portfolio of investors, including Wellington Management, QED Investors, Iconiq Capital, and TPG further indicate why you should use the company’s credit program. In fact, the Wall Street Journal quoted that the 2016 valuation made “…GreenSky one of the most valuable privately held financial technology startups.”


Apart from the financials, its credit programs, people, and technology solutions have improved customers’ lives. The firm has a reputation for its ability to offer customized credit solutions with the capacity to enhance sales. More importantly, GreenSky  serves customers ranging from individual consumers, small and medium enterprises, to the world’s largest and most exacting firms.

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