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A Romp in Sean Penn’s Mind with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

The novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, by Sean Penn, is new, as a book to be read, but it was actually released in 2016 in a shorter incarnation as an audiobook supposedly by Pappy Pariah, and narrated by Penn, the actual author.

This is a book for people who like madcap cult-classic books, and the authors who write them. Think, Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk, or Thomas Pynchon. It is for readers who enjoy digging through paragraphs of stream-of-conscious satire to get to deep, and often unsettling truths laying below the surface.

This is an action-packed, thought provoking, and, well, kind of crazy, romp through America’s current political, social, and economic climate, as Penn, the angry, concerned, sentimental, and vocal, social activist sees it. It has characters that are readily identifiable as people existing in politics, and other news worthy areas, today. It also has characters that are so over the top that they couldn’t possibly exist, but, are also just plausible enough, that maybe they do. It is an ambitious and at times bravely raw look at what is happening around us, and one man, who may be an assassin that takes out the elderly with a mallet to keep them from upsetting marketing endeavors and the global balance, and how he, in his own wildly crazy, and out of control way, deals with a world that is spinning out of control.

The language of the book is often at odds with itself, but in an interesting and not unsatisfying way. It runs the gamut from simple, stripped down prose that Hemingway could appreciate, to sentences so packed with rarely used multi-syllabic words that even Anne Rice would find it superfluous. “Scottsdale’s dry climate contradicts the clammy calescent of New Guinean condensation,” is an actual sentence that he wrote in this book. And there are a lot of similar sentences that perhaps, could have been more simply stated to deliver the same meaning, and probably with greater clarity. But, it is this juxtaposition of simple and complex, not just in the prose, but in the characters, and the ideas they represent, that ultimately make this a compelling read.

Matt Badiali Taps Into the Energy Industry Here In the United States

A lot of people are comfortable staying right where they are. They have their own little comfort zones, and they do not look around to see if there are better options available. That is why it is such a shame that so many people are going to miss out on the Freedom Checks that Matt Badiali teaches about. Some people will be afraid of scams, being that there are so many scams on the internet. It is hard to find a legitimate opportunity like the Freedom Checks that are being exposed by the well respected geologist, Matt Badiali. This is a legitimate opportunity that has to do with the goal of the United States to be energy independent. Visit the website to learn more.

First, who is Matt Badiali? Matt Badiali is an expert on natural resources. He has been studying mining, energy, agriculture, and more for many decades. He has taught geology at the esteemed Duke University and the well respected University of North Carolina. He has a boots on the ground approach to geology. This means that before advising his fans and followers about natural resources that they should invest in, he always visits a mining resource first to take a look at the natural resource or mineral. He always visits with the companies that mine these minerals so that he can find out whether or not it would actually make a good investment. He always wants to make sure that his followers are getting the best investment advice possible. This strategy has caused him to travel around the world. He has spent time in countries on six continents. He has visited the top oil and mineral moguls in the world. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunbchbase.

Matt Badiali also discovered a great investment opportunity called freedom checks. This comes from companies that operate in the natural resources in the United States. They work in production, processing, storage, and transportation. We are also including the companies that deal with oil and gas. These companies are going to be paying out almost thirty five billion dollars to investors over the next twelve years, according to the estimation of experts. This is because oil from the Middle East is trickling to a flow and the prices here are going up. If you are a smart investor, says Matt Badiali, you should invest in these companies. You will have the opportunity get a great return on your investment.


Why Roberto Santiago is considered a Unique Business Person

Every entrepreneur aims to create a firm that generates a lot of profit. A majority of business people have to move to different cities to get the market for their products. Roberto Santiago is, however, a different kind of investor. Instead of moving to other places, he decided to incorporate his passion for real estate and the needs of his people to come up with a masterpiece.

When Roberto Santiago was growing up, he realized his people lacked recreational facilities. He promised himself to see that they got all the luxury facilities they needed. This may have seemed like one of the childhood dreams that never come true, but years later he is living his dream.

Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa. He learned finance at Pio-X-Marist College. He later advanced his education at the University of Joao Pessoa, where he majored in Business Administration. This was essential for the journey he was about to embark.

After school, he landed a job at café Santa Rosa. This was not what he had pictured in his mind, but as an astute investor he took the job and utilized his time in learning the basic skills of running an organization. After accumulating few resources, Santiago felt it was time to become his own boss. He quit the job and set up a cartonnage company. Although he started small, the company later expanded and became one of the biggest home decor firms in Brazil.

In 1989, Santiago bought a piece of land that he would use to make his dream come true. Two years later, Santiago launched the most magnificent building the people of Joao Pessoa had ever seen. This was not the ultimate surprise. In 2009, he launched the Domus Hall.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has approximately 280 stores. The residents have named it the ‘’small city’’ because it has all the necessities that one needs for survival. There are colleges, banks, medical facilities, gaming arenas, bars, restaurants, among other shopping joints.

The Domus Hall, which is the best section of the mall can hold up to 14000 people. The air conditioning is conducive for all ages. The hall was designed such that every person can have a clear view of concerts, movies or events.

The sound and lighting gadgets are exclusively designed. This is why the Domus Hall is the best place to watch a 3D movie. You experience everything the characters experiences. That is fear, passion, and joy among other emotions.

The magnificence of the Domus Hall has led to the Brazil people having a chance to enjoy the performances of celebrities from other states.

Despite Santiago’s objective being different, he is still made it to the list of the most successful individuals in Brazil.


Logan Stout – From The Diamond To The World Of Business

At just 38 years of age, Logan Stout has conquered the world of professional sports and the world of high profile business, a dynamic feat that is certainly a rarity. To Logan himself however, it’s a natural byproduct of determination, work ethic and creativity.

Logan has always been driven to find winning solutions for a multitude of situations, whether it was formulating a winning blueprint for athletics, completing an academic assignment, or partaking in one of his hobbies.

Logan’s natural drive to find and execute an optimal game plan, helped him to achieve high honors for his high school athletics, before moving on to Panola, where he earned his degree in business. He then acquired a degree in psychology from the University of Texas while simultaneously capturing multiple, prestigious, college baseball titles.

Finally, he headed to the pro leagues to play for the Fort Worth Cats and afterwards, he went on to participate in 17 World Series events as a player, and a coach. He has dabbled in sports broadcasting, as well as having successfully penned multiple sports and business publications.

As a keynote speaker and a mentor for many, Logan’s natural abilities allowed him to smoothly transition into the world of business while still maintaining a core value that he holds dear to his heart; helping and growing the lives of others.

In 2014, Stout started IDLife, a service that provides individuals with customized nutrition programs. Based on independent clinical studies, and founded on some of the brightest minds in the industry, Logan’s company is at the forefront of personal nutrition.

IDLife takes a unique approach however, offering an extremely personal experience stemming from Logan’s genuine eagerness to improve the health of his customers. His products are high-quality, GMO free, and soy and gluten-free as well.

His company focuses on customer experience by providing them with a clear game plan on changing their lives for the better; a plan that was masterfully crafted by the genius who always has a proven blueprint for success whether on or off the field.

That would be the man Logan Stout himself.

Find more about Logan Stout:

Dr. Saad Making the World A Lot Happier

As an innovative and successful surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad could never expect his talents to stay within the boundaries of Eatontown, New Jersey let alone the United States. Saad has a large number of patients ranging from the Saudi Royal Family to humanitarian groups and has received high recognition from fellow doctors in his field.


Dr. Saad’s reach began when the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) reached out to him for help in their mission to help address medical needs of Arab children in the Middle East. The PCRF is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 that provides resources for the youth in Palestine regarding medical care. The organization needed a surgeon for a 15-year-old boy inflicted with gunshot wounds from the West Bank area. Local doctors from Israeli hospitals saved his life, but PCRF flew him to the U.S. for further treatment. The boy was in critical condition when Dr. Saad received him; he had holes in his stomach which were burning his skin as well as giving him trouble digesting food. Dr. Saad performed a 7-hour surgery repairing both the internal and external damage that brought an end to his suffering.


Dr. Saad’s influence did not stop there, when in May of 2010, the PCRF needed help for a girl, also from the West Bank area, who was born with her intestines exposed. Palestine doctors tried their best for 18 months but ultimately had no luck fixing the issue. Saad provided the young girl with a “fig leaf cover” over the course of a 5-hour surgery covering the deformity and allowing the girl to have a somewhat reasonable chance at life. In June of 2013, a boy from Gaza Strip was hit by a bomb leaving one of his legs paralyzed. The boy needed nerve transplant surgery, and because Dr. Saad did not specialize in that area, he found a surgeon that did and the boy got the help he needed. Proving that Saad not only had skills performing surgery but in the medical field as a whole. Learn more:


Dr. Saad has since collaborated with PCRF and conducted numerous mission trips to the Middle East to continue saving lives. In May of 2008, he went to Palestine to help poor and underprivileged people who would not typically be able to afford such healthcare. He has been back seven times to continue the work that he started as well as to train young Palestinian surgeons of what he knows. His first few visits consisted of mentees watching and learning from Dr. Saad, but by his last visit, they were performing surgeries on their own.


Dr. Saad has proven his position in the medical community for over 20 years. PCRF granted him a humanitarian award as well as the Ministry of Health. He is a recipient of the Gold Medal of Palestine by President Mahmoud Abbas. He is currently a doctor at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus.


Appointment Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Ends The Battle Of Succession At Bradesco Bank

It has been a beehive of activities at Bradesco Bank for the last few months after the bank’s chairperson Mr. Lazaro tabled his resignation from the post. Mr. Lazaro has been the Chairman of the giant Brazilian bank for close to three decades. His departure created a vacancy in Bradesco bank which needed to be filled urgently. Few people anticipated Mr. Lazaro’s resignation, and when he finally dropped the bombshell, all the eyes were on the board of directors to see their next move. As it is the tradition of the bank, the top leadership of the bank is sourced from the company’s employees. It is considered as a form of mythical dynasty where the leadership of the bank is passed down to the most experienced and influential figure in the bank.

There were a lot of speculations for the last few months, but they were put to rest when Octavio de Lazari was appointed to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the company’s president. Carlos Luiz Trabuco Cappi was appointed to replace the former Chairman at one of the biggest banks in Brazil. Before his appointment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco served as the President of the Bradesco for close to ten years.

Even after the company announced Mr. Lazari’s appointment as new CEO, he did not start working until the annual shareholders meeting was held in March 2018. According to the rules governing Brazilian banking industry, Bradesco was tasked to decide on the appointment one month before the annual shareholders general meeting that was held in March. Bradesco was required to submit the name of the appointee to the Central Bank of Brazil for approval before making the official announcement.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia substituto de Trabuco

Electing new chairperson
After the former chairperson’s exit from the bank, several names were floated for his replacement. The Board of Directors at Bradesco Bank wanted someone with immense experience working with the bank to replace the former chairman. They needed someone who had worked with the bank for a long time and an individual who could lead Bradesco to a success path as the previous chairman did. The bank has a tradition of promoting individuals from within the bank and not any external members who have never worked for the bank.

Following the strict qualification criteria put forward by the board of directors, only a few people could qualify to fit in the shoes of the previous Chairperson. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a great example of an individual whose qualifications exceeded the requirements set by the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi launched his career with the bank when he was just 18 years of age being a bank teller. Throughout his career, Luiz has been working effortlessly, an attribute that earned him endless promotions at Bradesco. Luiz portrayed exemplary leadership skills that earned him praises from his colleagues and superiors.

Luiz has served in various departments within Bradesco where he organized teamwork to accomplish the bank’s objectives. Luiz demonstrated outstanding organizational and leadership skills when he was appointed to lead Bradesco Seguros, the insurance division of the bank. While heading this department, Luiz managed to raise the company’s profitability by a 10 percent margin.


Waiakea Water Cares About the Environment

The bottled water industry is a $100 billion industry with a big problem. Most bottled water companies use plastic bottles, which by themselves aren’t bad. The problem is that very few people care to recycle plastic of any kind. Plastic is a recyclable material, people just don’t it.

One of the major reasons plastic isn’t recycled is because there aren’t many sources that recycle in most parts of the world. It’s sad to say, but recycling is a luxury that most people can’t afford. It’s not as easy to recycle in one place as it may be in another.

Recycling is something that everyone has to come together to accomplish. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing to use plastic bottles if there were more convenient ways to recycle it. Instead, most countries choose to pour all their garbage into landfills or the ocean.

By now, everyone knows about all the plastic floating in the ocean, but no one seems to care about fixing that problem. Instead, people just ignore it until it comes up in the news. Then, there’s a bunch of arguing and blaming and nothing gets done anyway, so people just go back to ignoring the problem.

Waiakea Water is addressing that problem starting at the source. It seems like Waiakea Water understands that recycling plants aren’t around every corner, so they started using degradable plastic bottles. Unlike regular plastic bottles, these bottles don’t harm the environment and can be easily recycled.

The biggest advantage to Waiakea Water’s bottles is that they break down in 15 years. Most plastic bottles break down over 1,000 from now. Their bottling making process is even environmentally conscious. There’s absolutely nothing to hate about Waiakea Water. Everyone is quickly making the conversion to drinking only Waiakea bottled water.

It will take a few years before the rest of the beverage catches up, but once they do, things will be better.

Alex Pall and The Future of the EDM Music That The Chainsmokers Wants To Support

No matter how much marketing you do for a product that doesn’t touch base with its listeners, the product will never fly. It will never reach the destination it wants. It will never find the path that it aims because it’s the organic market that decides the success of the music. You can’t fake the organic. You can’t cut corners on that part. It’s the minority of the organic supporters that give meat to your aims in succeeding in the music or any art industry.

Fortunately, this is already something that Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers understands today. With all the music that it creates and the kind of new strategies the DJ duo aims, it’s not hard to imagine that they would still stay relevant, they would still reach organic markets and they would still be popular even without the kind of branding that false advertising gives.

The Ambition To Connect

In the Interview Magazine, we learn that The Chainsmokers wants to be more, to connect more and to create more emotionally deeper connections with its niche. When people in the music industry, or the EDM music industry for that matter, just wants to jump to music and do nothing but listen to faceless music, it doesn’t matter what the lyrics say or if at all there is a story to tell in the EDM music. In the case of Alex Pall, he doesn’t want to stick with just that. He wants to do more, to reach more in the core of a person’s emotional depth, and wants to make sure that it can innovate the music industry in ways that only The Chainsmokers can.

There are masterful soundscapes today that are still not chartered by the EDM music, and the good thing about Alex Pall is that he invests in the future of the industry. He makes sure that there are new ways that musicians are taking steps in establishing new moods, tracks, and modules for new opportunities in songwriting to appear. Fortunately, the new album and identity of The Chainsmokers will depend on the fact that it is going to create more changes in their lyrics.

Precision Medicine According to Paul Mampilly is the Next Big Thing in Investments

Paul Mampilly is a hedge fund consultant and a long-term investor. He serves as a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing for Profits Unlimited newsletter, and two trading services True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes. He writes a weekly newsletter column for Banyan since joining in 2016. His current endeavors center on helping ordinary Americans create wealth by investing in growth, small-cap stocks, unique opportunities, and technology. These numerous responsibilities and efforts are fueled by an extensive engagement and experience in investment and financial world. With over 25years in the investment sector, a former Wall Street insider, a hedge fund manager, and investor, Mampilly advice can be relied on. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Before joining Banyan, Paul Mampilly previously worked at Stansberry Research as the editor of Professional Speculator in 2015. In 2003, he founded The Capuchin Group and served as its Publisher, Editor, and author. His work experience stems from when he started working as an assistant Portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He became a money manager at Sear, Swiss Bank, and Royal Bank of Scotland. He is interested and follows the stock market, as well as identifying small firms coming up with innovative business models and products and that are worth his investing. Following his $88 million gain from a $50 million investment, he won the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition in 2009.


His view on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is that the bubble will burst in time though he is not specific on when. He says that just like the 1999 stock market explosion, wise investors should realize there is market greed that is pushing the price higher. They ought to sell before the bubble burst since they stand at a profit already before it collapses and they lose. Paul Mampilly advises that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies will crash. He says that the problem with most investors who remain attached to the high cryptocurrency prices is that they fail to note when to sell as prices peak.

He has advised potential investors looking for opportunities to invest in precision medicine. His Profits Unlimited newsletter, which is the entry-level ($97 per year) stock picking letter for Banyan Hill offers more on this and other investment ideas. Paul Mampilly says that precision medicine involves looking at a person’s DNA and coming up with medical interventions that match their genetic makeup.

The implication of this new technology, if it comes to fruition, is that chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, Parkinson’s and diabetes can be ultimately dealt with through DNA analysis. Paul Mampilly identifies Myriad Genetics (MYGN) as the company to invest in when it comes to precision medicine. Read more about Paul on

3 things OSI Group Has Done to Stay on the Top 100 Food Companies List

Businesses all over the globe are striving every day to be successful in their industries. Since not all companies are the same nor have the same interest, the strategies and techniques used can be significantly different today. Fortunately, however, with the latest advances in technology, companies are using everything that can to distinguish themselves from the competition. This is one of the top reasons why OSI group is now on America’s Top 100 Food Companies list and they are planning to stay there. To that end, if you really want to become familiar with what these companies have done and what they are presently doing to beat out their competition in the Food industry, you should review these 3 things to see what they have done to remain in the top 100.

#1 – Super High Superior Standards

To start, OSI Group is not playing when they are offering their products and their services. From its inception in 1909, this family meat business begun by offering their customers the best fresh meat in their community and surrounding. Therefore, there was a natural attraction to the meat that they were providing to their customers. In fact, it did not long to capture the attention of McDonald’s in their earlier stages and they have grown along with McDonald’s and have become a major supplier of fresh meat in their area.

#2 – Global Buying Power

Another benefit that the OSI group has taken advantage of over the years is their global buying power. Unlike others in the same or similar industry, they have positioned themselves well to have access to virtually everything that they need to service their customers. With constant innovations and growth that continuously evolves, they have the ability to service various restaurant food industries and retail establishments too. This is because their range of resources includes packaging facilities, processing plants and they have access to various global networks that keep them connected as a leader in food supply.

3. Global Financial Backing Available

No matter how good a food company is, there are certain things that can keep them in the back conducting business after the leader in the food industry. Simply put, lack of backing can easily become a handicap to the growth of any food business. So, one of the most important factors in this particular scenario is having the resources needed to keep every facet of the OSI Group operation running smoothly for the long run. For example, the OSI group has the financial backing that is needed to ensure all of their clients remain happy and pleased with the products and services provided. As a result of these and other similar factors, they have room to also grow and evolve as they should. This is especially true even the objective and goal are creating a new method of processing for the meat to remain fresh as well as high-quality food. In fact, this is one of the top reasons why this food Group can supply what their customers need without having any unnecessary operational or administrative issues.

OSI Group info: