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Leading Correctional Communication Provider Receives The Stevie Award

Securus Technologies is well known for being a inmate communication regulation provider. They’re responsible for inmate telephone monitoring, surveillance, and safety. The goal is to ensure the safety of the general public against criminal telecommunications. They are committed to the highest level of customer service and this has led to them recently winning the Stevie Award as an inmate calling provider. Amazingly, over 75 judges were responsible for giving them this prestigious customer service award. After realizing that they’re already providing top security features for inmates and their loved ones they decided to become a network provider with customer service satisfaction as a top priority.


More Customers Are Choosing Securus Technologies


You can get features with Securus Technologies that aren’t available through other network providers. Their team of highly trained IT professionals are there to assist you 24/7. They offer their customers features that include remote visitation features and prepaid telephone services. Securus has partnered with some of the best in the industry to bring inmates and their families technological features that will save them time and money. If you have a disable out-of-state relative they no longer have to worry about the lengthy commute to a correctional facility to visit a love one. They demand that their competitors find more ways to allow their customers to talk more and spend less to successfully compete with their services.


Securus Technologies Features:


Remote Visitation


You can now visit your loved ones online through a Securus Technologies and Vimeo partnership. Your loved ones can pay a small processing free and visit their loved ones over a high definition video that gives you complete control.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates can purchase an access account that will allow their friends, loved ones, and legal counsel to leave them a message at any time. They never have to miss another important message again with this handy Securus Technologies feature.


Become a valuable Securus Technologies customer by visiting their exclusive website today.


Jorge Moll: Reasons why you should make donations

Jorge Moll is a respected neuroscientist who has changed the lives of many people in the modern society. Jorge is also an author who has written several publications. In one of his most recent articles, the neuroscientist talks about holiday shopping. According to Jorge Moll, during the festive seasons, the shopping experience can be terrifying. However, the experts in the world say that it is worth it. A recently concluded study shows that giving comes with numerous benefits to the recipients and givers. According to Jorge Moll, giving during the festive season will have the following benefits:

Makes you happy

In the year 2008, a professor at the prestigious Harvard School of Business discovered that donating your money to another person plays a crucial role in lifting an individual’s happiness. A professor of psychology at one of the local university says that her students looked happy after they performed acts of kindness every week. These great feeling will always be reflected in the biology of an individual. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

Giving helps your health

Several concluded studies have shown that various forms of generosity are linked to great health to the participants. People who are sick and elderly feel better when they give to the needy society. According to Jorge Moll, several prominent universities in the world have shown that good things like health will only happen to the generous people.

Giving will promote social connection and cooperation

After giving out your donation to someone, the chances of getting it back are high. Sociologist and professors have concluded that people who are generous with their money and materials will be rewarded in one way or the other down the line. This can be done by the person you are giving to or a stranger. Read more about Jorge Moll at

Giving is contagious

Although this might sound hilarious, Jorge Moll believes that when people see a person giving, they will be attracted, and they will want to do that in the future. Once a person has become generous, then it is very difficult to stop in the future. Jorge Moll says that he has worked as a neuroscientist for a while, and he has realized that people who give live a better life compared to those who do not.


Oncotarget Gives Great News to those with PTC

The nationally peer-reviewed journal Oncotarget is responsible for the resurgence of research on the pathological effects of cancer treatment and cancer diagnosis. Oncotarget firmly and rightly believes that the more hope a patient feels when going through the battle of cancer the greater chance they will survive the ordeal. They have found that many factors contribute to an overall feeling of hope including things to look forward to in the future, family support systems, and religious observance.

Oncotarget routinely examines various programs that manage cancer and pain to review them based on their ability to increase a patient’s quality of life. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Oncotarget recently sat down with Dr. Carmelo Nucero to interview him on his breakthrough research concerning papillary thyroid carcinoma. For those who may not know, papillary thyroid carcinoma has long been known to oncologists as the “resistant cancer.” This is due to its ability to develop a resistance to vemurafenib which targets the BRAF gene which is the cause of papillary thyroid carcinoma. This has led to many patients watching as their cancer goes into remission only to be called back into the oncologist office to be told that their cancer is now drug-resistant and incurable.

Dr. Carmelo Nucero was tired of being unable to give them the hope they desired, so he began taking many years to research how to make papillary thyroid carcinoma less resistant to the drug vemurafenib. He was able to find that when vemurafenib was mixed with palbociclib that both drugs became more effective.

What would happen is that the body would begin recognizing vemurafenib as a domestic substance. Once that occurred the two drugs were able to work in harmony and palbociclib promoted stronger cell regeneration of healthy cells while vemurafenib was able to promote more cell elimination for the cancer cells. Learn more about Oncotarget at

Dr. Carmelo Nucero says that the FDA seems favorable the passage treatment since both drugs have Artie been approved previously.

To stay up-to-date on the news regarding Dr. Carmelo Nucero’s research and much more, subscribe to Oncotarget’s podcast which is available on iTunes and the Google play store.


Highland Capital: How To Get Reliable Investment Advice

Looking for reliable investment advice? Want to know how to go about choosing a financial or investment advisory firm? Perhaps you want to learn more about Highland Capital.

If you want to plan for your future, enlisting the services of a competent investment firm is absolutely essential. This is true if you are starting with very little money or if you want to grow your investment portfolio. There are many sources of advice on investments but you need to turn to a firm or professional who is well known for delivering top notch service to clients. It is always a good idea to turn to a firm like Highland Capital for proper guidance. Read more about Highland Capital at


Highland Capital is a renowned advisory firm that caters to clients who want to start investing or take their investing to the next level. Highland Capital has outstanding resources and industry expertise to render the highest quality service to organizations and individual clients.

At Highland Capital, qualified professionals will walk you through the entire process of deciding on a viable opportunity and implementing strategies for success. Clients can begin with simple investing options to get a good understanding of how things work in the industry. Once you understand what works and what to avoid, you’ll be guided through the next step in the process.

Your goal is to select an investment vehicle that can put you on the path to financial success and the lifestyle you desire. Highland Capital is committed to ensuring your satisfaction and has systems in place to enable them meet your needs.

Beginners would do well to consult with the knowledgeable and experienced professionals at Highland Capital. Financial and investment advisors can assist you in establishing your investment accounts. You will also be given access to helpful guides and tips so you can become familiar with the various processes involved in an investment. Professionals at Highland Capital are highly experienced and will work closely with you to assemble a portfolio. Visit to know more.

To learn more about investment strategies and how to get started planning your financial future, contact Highland Capital right away.


How Jose Auriema Neto Remains the Force Behind the Success of JHSF

Currently, Brazilian Real Estate Sector is one of the most crowded in the world, from multi-family houses to cooperative types of dwellings, creating a niche for yourself requires utmost shrewdness. Despite the sophistication in this sector, JHSF Participates SA is one of the real estate companies that has remained afloat with their sound business and marketing policies. Withstanding the competition in this industry has called upon the company to grab any seeable opportunity and exploited it to its irredeemable capacities. For instance, the company has ventured into hotel industry and shopping, markets as part of their expansion plans for 2015-2020. One important strategy that has been the game changer for the company has been making various tactical acquisitions of other real estate companies hence limiting competition within the sector. Through this keen eye on exploiting avenues for financial prospects, JHSF has witnessed a rise in its client base that has necessitated the opening of various branches in Salvador, Sao Paulo, and Manaus.

Jose Auriema Neto’s Role in JHSF’s Success

Behind all these achievements that JHSF has realized, they have relied on efficient management to ensure that operations and profitability of their ventures remain optimum. In this regard, Jose Auriema Neto has remained a formidable force as far as the success of the company is concerned. As the CEO, he is credited with acute managerial skills and policies that have seen the company’s growth. For instance, he is acknowledged as the brains behind the company’s adoption of the recurring income area policy. Through the policy, the company has profiled its areas into four business units: malls, corporations, hotels, and restaurants. To know more about him click here.

His Other Responsibilities on the side

Apart from making tactical acquisitions of companies, Jose Auriema Neto has remained a fighter for equality among employees. His endeavors in championing for better working conditions for workers have earned him respect among his employees since he believes that employee motivation holds the key to the success of JHSF. Additionally, he takes his time to intervene in cases that involve labor disputes within and outside the company, as part of exercising his expertise in management.

Ganoderma Lucidum: Organo Gold’s Secret Weapon that is Forever Changing the Wellness and Business World

The Red Reshi mushroom is a powerful and potent cure for a variety of ailments, as well as a wellness promoter, and health benefactor, which has been used in Asian medical traditions for thousands of years. Known in the scientific community as Ganoderma Lucidum, Red Reshi, as the herb goes by in many Japanese cultures, and popularly around the world, has been linked with a multitude of wellness promoting attributes. Detoxification of the body, increased liver function, and can assist in better balancing and maintaining hormones. In addition, Ganoderma is an adaptogen, a natural component that greatly assists the body and mind in dealing with, and adapting to, a variety of stresses and pressures. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Organo Gold, a personal wellness, beverage, and nutraceutical developer, producer, and distributor network, have invested heavily in Ganoderma’s health attributes, fusing the adaptogen into a multitude of products, and are committed to providing the amazing benefits of the herb to those who can use it most. Organo Gold offer a variety of different coffees, Teas, drink mixes, and even toothpaste and soaps, implemented with the incredible wellness provider. Ganoderma not only imbues a tremendously positive effect on health and general well-being, but adds a deep, rich, flavorful taste to Organo Gold’s delicious lines of Coffees and Teas. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Recently having added Café Supreme, and King of Coffee, to their lineup of java mixtures, Organo Gold offer a line-up of superb coffees that possess varying flavors, tastes, and boldnesses, enough to satisfy even the pickiest coffee connoisseurs. In addition to their amazing product lines, Organo Gold also offer distributor opportunities unlike any other company today. Providing and encouraging a family style relationship between their distributors mean everyone helps everyone achieve their best, and get Organo Gold’s Ganoderma infused offerings to customers in no time. For further reading and information on becoming an OG distributor, or on Organo Gold’s Ganoderma product lines visit and Organo Gold’s Youtube at

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