George Soros Funds Open Society with $18 Billion

George Soros is at it again, this time around making his latest philanthropic act public. Many billionaires Soros included have the mentality of changing how people live and governed as opposed to solving problems that need immediate attention like natural disasters. George Soros recently made public the $18 billion that he contributed to open society a foundation that promotes human rights and democracy in over 120 countries.

Soros is one of the major donors that Democrats depend on. He gave out millions of dollars in the last year’s campaign period in support of Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Soros also gave out $10 million to protect US citizens from the violence that was witnessed after the November 8, 2016, elections. The main agenda of Soros philanthropy is to protect people from violence ensure that the governance is according to the rule of law.

Mr. George Soros act of philanthropy can be traced back to Hungary; a placed where he stayed before his star started to shine. The Hungarian first open society was established by Soros in 1984. Karl Popper’s book ‘ Open Society Its Enemies’ that advocated for free expression, democratic governance, and respecting individual rights gave opened Soros eyes on why he should fund such foundations.

Open Society has been receiving lots of funds from Soros for many years now. The records show that he contributes to the tune of $800 million to $900 million annually. The recent funding of $18 billion is the highest in the US history to have been made by a single donor to one organization. Open society had not planned to increase the funding that it gives out to other agencies. Their expenditure is already above what they should be giving out, but Soros is planning to contribute at least $2 billion more to cater for the coming years.

The colossal funding that Soros channel to open society has made them make footprints in every corner of the world. No social justice foundation has made a significant impact on people lives like the open society.

Open Society has spent close to $14 billion for the decades that it has been around. It has a budget of $940.7 million for 2017, and this is a grant to over seven regions spread across the world to take care of issues like justice reform, human rights, and economic governance. The funds are focused on controversial topics that need one to stand firm to be able to deal with.

Soros financial market success has given him an upper hand to bargain for people welfare in several countries all over the world. Organizations like open society foundation that give people hope and advocate for justice can easily be misunderstood to interfere with politics, but their contribution is equally significant in any society.

Soros Fund Management is responsible for managing all his philanthropic contributions. Soros himself is also actively involved in monitoring the expenditure of the funds. George Soros $18 billion grant to open society remains to be the biggest in history according to NY Times. and Follow him

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