James Dondero The Man You Should Know

James Dondero has been a board member and is also the co-founder and president of the Highland Capital Management. He has worked for over 30 years in the credit and equity markets, making him a highly experienced individual for this type of work. By having James Dondero and his exceptional leadership he has been able to lead Highland Capital to a new pioneer in both the developing any type of collateralized loan obligation and the market that comes with it. His ability to advance the company and make it an inviting place to invest to retail investors all over the world is only possible with his outstanding leadership. Mr. Dondero is a man who actively supports people who take the initiative in education or even in veterans affairs for the people who need help. Highland Uses a wide virairty of assets that are a private equity that include hedge funds. Before Highland Mr. Dondero was a cheif investment officer for Protective Life’s a GIC subsidiary and even before that prior to Protective Life He managed about 1 billion dollars for American Express. James Dondero is a graduate of the university of Virgina with accounting and finance is the major that James Dondero had. Mr. Dondero is a certified management account that allowed him to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. But this all started when his career as an analyst started back in 1984 when he was accepted into the Morgan Guaranty training program which started his love for analysts and any equity funds.

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