Key Elements About Sam Boraie

Sam, a renowned real estate developer has been focusing mainly on urban growth. The son of Omar Borarie holds an influential position at Borarie Development. Omar, an Egyptian bred entrepreneur is known to have founded the venture where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Sam Boraie alongside his two siblings and other prominent persons serve as Vice Presidents in the business.

Sam Boraie’s unrelenting attention in real estate together with his colleagues triggers them to redefine development in the main cities they settle on. They endeavor in a wide array of projects such as; office spaces, apartments as well as retail. Although in the past they have been mainly in Brunswick area, they are slowly settling on Atlantic City area, even as the State recovers from their former situation of economic recession.

Sam’s Focus in Philanthropy

While Sam channels much of his energy in business, he still takes on some significant charitable works. State Theatre of New Jersey is one of the main organizations where he directs loads of positive energy. He and other locally based entrepreneurs sit in the Board of Trustees of the organization. In fact, it is right to say that Sam Boraie family and the development company are the main supporters of the same.

Sam also has a hand in Elijah’s Promise, an organization that makes all efforts to eradicate poverty all over the New Jersey State. The company’s main objective has been to deal with food shortage, create business opportunities for the populace and also create awareness on the need to embrace the jobs. When it comes to planning for the company goals and implementation, Sam is always involved as sits on the Board of Directors.

Urban Work Strategy in Brunswick

The area is a beneficiary from Borarie Development especially on the formerly neglected areas around the state. When he went to Brunswick for his PhD forty years ago, Mr. Omar saw opportunities in the University town, and such are the ones that his family firm is exploiting. The New York-design apartment tower being raised at One Spring Street is simply matchless. The town has not known such thrilling beauty before.

The apartments are meant to have 120 houses of one, two and three bedrooms, having more of the two bedrooms of various designs. It is the big thing around the town and sales for the houses have already begun. At Borarie, they enjoy exploiting that underutilized parcel to bring value to it. They are also committed to coming up with unique structures for the sake of expansion and urbanization.


The Borarie Development has had great society influence. They have employed between 11 and 50 people. Notably, the firm has realized commendable success over the years, which is attributed to the able leadership. The family business has also played a central role in developing Brunswick area, where Mr. Omar, the far-sighted icon had seen the vision and was thought to be crazy in his attempt implement his dream. Right now what the company has offered is just a tip of the iceberg as there are many more mind-blowing projects underway.

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