A Quick Insight into the World and Views of the Chairman of Capital Group

Capital Group is a company with American roots. The company’s core business is in the financial services industry. Founded in 1931, Capital Group is one of the earth’s oldest and principal organizations dealing with investment management. It prides itself as being a company that is solely focused on bringing about results that are superior and consistent for an investor looking at the long-term.

The Group’s Chairman is currently Timothy Armour. Tim was elected by the Board of Directors in July 2015. He was elected to replace Jim Rothenberg who died while serving as the Chairman of Capital Group.

Timothy Armour has an incredible 33 years of experience in investment all of which he has gained with Capital. He began his career at the company by participating in the company’s Associate Program. He then became an analyst for equity investment which gave him the platform to cover not only service companies in the USA but also global telecommunications. Armour managed to work his way up the company until he held the post of chair of the management committee of Capital. It is from this post that he was elected as Chairman of Capital Group. Timothy Armour studied at Middlebury College from where he graduated with a Degree in Economics.

Tim’s appointment has been met with the approval of various stakeholders in the financial services industry. For example, Janet Yang has recently written that the appointment of Armour as Chairman of Capital will help the company maintain its long-term and patient approach to investments. This is explained by the fact the Tim, together with the majority of Capital’s management committee, are portfolio managers who have been in the game for a long time.

Yang also attributes the successes of Capital to the hard work being put in by the company. Yang explains that this work can be seen in the company’s strategy that entails; being and staying focused on investments, producing robust long-term results, and committing itself to its financial advisors. Yang opines that this has made Capital into one of the earth’s biggest asset managers, with statistics showing that the Company has in excess of $1.4tn in assets that it manages.

For those wishing to invest Timothy Armour has a word of advice. He advises that one should always seek to look for the “active managers earning their keep.” To explain this quote, success in financial investment comes right down to keenly examining the information about a company while comparing all these data to the possibilities that the future promises.

With the Tim Armour at the helm, the future does indeed look bright for Capital Group.

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