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Mikhail Blagosklonny Ideas on the role of TOR in Aging and Cancer

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncologist, author and a professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He possesses vast knowledge in cancer, cellular, and molecular biology, as well as clinical investigations. His specialties include cell cycle, anticancer therapeutics, mitosis, tumor suppressors, and signal transductions among others.

His involvement in the age-related diseases and aging has helped him reveal anti-aging drugs such as rapamycin. Mikhail Blagosklonny holds a Medical Doctorate in internal medicine from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg.

Career Background

Mikhail Blagosklonny has vast experience in the medical field following his work at research and medical education institutions in the United Sates. In 2002, he worked at New York Medical College as an Associate Professor of Medicine.

He later joined Ordway Research Institute in Albany New York as a Senior Scientist. He later got an appointment at Roswell Park Cancer Institute as an oncologist professor following his knowledge in the cancer biology and therapy. Additionally, Mikhail is an author of more than 170 research work, book chapters, and reviews.

According to Research Gate, Mikhail Blagosklonny is an editor of several publications of Cell Cycles, PLOS ONE, Cell Death and Differentiation, Autophagy, and Cancer Research as well as Cancer Biology and Therapy. He has also edited journals such as the American Journal of Pathology and International Journal of Cancer.

Rosewell Park Cancer Institute

Rosewell Park Cancer Institute is a New York-based medical facility that deals with cancer research and treatment. The institution, which is a member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, carries out clinical research and develops new drugs for the treatment of different types of cancer in adults and children.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s role in the institution includes formulation of new anti-cancer therapies, as well as various methods of preventing cancer. He also engages the fellow workmates in the institution in developing new ideas on normal cell protection during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Role of mTOR in Aging and Cancer

According to Mikhail Blagosklonny, molecular damage or any other random damage is not the primary cause of aging and cancer. He cites that the inflammatory activity of the hypothalamus that increases with age could be the cause of aging. The Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) promotes cellular mass growth, and when the developmental stage comes to a halt, the aging process begins.

mTOR leads to increased functioning of the cell in the body leading to an increase in the secretion produced by fibroblasts that alter the normal equilibrium of the body. A change in the body’s balance leads to age-related diseases resulting to death.

Vijay Eswaran And His Marketing Life

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian marketer and philanthropist that currently resides in Penang. He was educated in socio-economics from the London School of Economics in 1984. It was not long before he traveled to Europe in search of work. He sporadically did many different jobs that were unrelated to his degree in order to make ends meet. His life in Europe allowed him to build character and real life skills.

Vijay Eswaran started looking into binary system marketing when he resided in the United Kingdom. He went to the United States to further his education at the Southern Illinois University.

He worked as a marketer Synoptics when he was still in the United States. This opportunity allowed him to obtain experience in multi-level marketing. Vijay Eswaran upgraded his marketing career by working for the Cosway Group back in Malaysia.

The QI Group was founded in the late 1990s by Vijay as a multi-level marketing company. The company was later transformed into a business that dealt with media, communications, travel and other ventures.

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Vijay had recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Chinese Economic Forum in November. He received the award because he was considered to make an impact in the local economy in his line of work. The award on was presented to him by the Governor of Melaka himself. There were other government officials present at the award ceremony.

He is also the founder of the RYTHM Foundation on YouTube. The foundation is the charitable part of the QI Group. The group helps to fund certain groups in developing countries that aids disabled or underprivileged children.

Hair Care – Wen by Chaz

When Chaz Dean ( picked up his camera for his commercial photography ambitions, he became more passionate about a profession other than simply taking photos. Specializing in the beauty industry, he perfected his skills by enrolling in cosmetology school soon after moving to Los Angeles. Naturally, he started this because of his love for photography as well as being a stylist.

Years later, Dean ended up with a high number of celebrity clientele soon thereafter. Not only was he a reputable hair-stylist, but he was known to put his clients ‘at ease’ when designing their hair. Thus, his constant development in hair products gained Dean more than a reputable product world-wide, but his clients and customers were, and still are, able to have the most manageable hair because of some of his hair formula. For some of the best hair products he developed his company Wen® by Chaz.

Women’s hair conditioners

With some of his interests in women’s hair products such as hair conditioners, he’s perfected the best solutions for problem areas such as detangling hair, more shine, and more manageable hair styles.

With Wen® by Chaz, the WEN® Cleansing Conditioners revolutionary elements not only hydrate the hair but give it that extra shine that women want in their hair conditioners. It’s a beautiful cleanse for any women using it.

Some of the ingredients the Wen® by Chaz has is a humectant; this allows for moisturizing effects which the hair needs. In fact, the formula includes glycerin and chamomile extracts along with wild cherry bark. Additionally, with the chamomile extracts, it soothes the hair while giving the hair some calming properties it also needs. At the same time, the wild cherry bark is formulated to assist with the conditioning of the hair. Other extracts that the conditioner is formulated with are rosemary extract and panthenol, both formulated to soothe the hair as well as strengthen and restore it. This combination in Wen® by Chaz conditioners are ideal for women who want the most out of their hair conditioning products and more. More information available on For updates, follow Wen on Twitter.


Key Elements About Sam Boraie

Sam, a renowned real estate developer has been focusing mainly on urban growth. The son of Omar Borarie holds an influential position at Borarie Development. Omar, an Egyptian bred entrepreneur is known to have founded the venture where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Sam Boraie alongside his two siblings and other prominent persons serve as Vice Presidents in the business.

Sam Boraie’s unrelenting attention in real estate together with his colleagues triggers them to redefine development in the main cities they settle on. They endeavor in a wide array of projects such as; office spaces, apartments as well as retail. Although in the past they have been mainly in Brunswick area, they are slowly settling on Atlantic City area, even as the State recovers from their former situation of economic recession.

Sam’s Focus in Philanthropy

While Sam channels much of his energy in business, he still takes on some significant charitable works. State Theatre of New Jersey is one of the main organizations where he directs loads of positive energy. He and other locally based entrepreneurs sit in the Board of Trustees of the organization. In fact, it is right to say that Sam Boraie family and the development company are the main supporters of the same.

Sam also has a hand in Elijah’s Promise, an organization that makes all efforts to eradicate poverty all over the New Jersey State. The company’s main objective has been to deal with food shortage, create business opportunities for the populace and also create awareness on the need to embrace the jobs. When it comes to planning for the company goals and implementation, Sam is always involved as sits on the Board of Directors.

Urban Work Strategy in Brunswick

The area is a beneficiary from Borarie Development especially on the formerly neglected areas around the state. When he went to Brunswick for his PhD forty years ago, Mr. Omar saw opportunities in the University town, and such are the ones that his family firm is exploiting. The New York-design apartment tower being raised at One Spring Street is simply matchless. The town has not known such thrilling beauty before.

The apartments are meant to have 120 houses of one, two and three bedrooms, having more of the two bedrooms of various designs. It is the big thing around the town and sales for the houses have already begun. At Borarie, they enjoy exploiting that underutilized parcel to bring value to it. They are also committed to coming up with unique structures for the sake of expansion and urbanization.


The Borarie Development has had great society influence. They have employed between 11 and 50 people. Notably, the firm has realized commendable success over the years, which is attributed to the able leadership. The family business has also played a central role in developing Brunswick area, where Mr. Omar, the far-sighted icon had seen the vision and was thought to be crazy in his attempt implement his dream. Right now what the company has offered is just a tip of the iceberg as there are many more mind-blowing projects underway.

A Quick Insight into the World and Views of the Chairman of Capital Group

Capital Group is a company with American roots. The company’s core business is in the financial services industry. Founded in 1931, Capital Group is one of the earth’s oldest and principal organizations dealing with investment management. It prides itself as being a company that is solely focused on bringing about results that are superior and consistent for an investor looking at the long-term.

The Group’s Chairman is currently Timothy Armour. Tim was elected by the Board of Directors in July 2015. He was elected to replace Jim Rothenberg who died while serving as the Chairman of Capital Group.

Timothy Armour has an incredible 33 years of experience in investment all of which he has gained with Capital. He began his career at the company by participating in the company’s Associate Program. He then became an analyst for equity investment which gave him the platform to cover not only service companies in the USA but also global telecommunications. Armour managed to work his way up the company until he held the post of chair of the management committee of Capital. It is from this post that he was elected as Chairman of Capital Group. Timothy Armour studied at Middlebury College from where he graduated with a Degree in Economics.

Tim’s appointment has been met with the approval of various stakeholders in the financial services industry. For example, Janet Yang has recently written that the appointment of Armour as Chairman of Capital will help the company maintain its long-term and patient approach to investments. This is explained by the fact the Tim, together with the majority of Capital’s management committee, are portfolio managers who have been in the game for a long time.

Yang also attributes the successes of Capital to the hard work being put in by the company. Yang explains that this work can be seen in the company’s strategy that entails; being and staying focused on investments, producing robust long-term results, and committing itself to its financial advisors. Yang opines that this has made Capital into one of the earth’s biggest asset managers, with statistics showing that the Company has in excess of $1.4tn in assets that it manages.

For those wishing to invest Timothy Armour has a word of advice. He advises that one should always seek to look for the “active managers earning their keep.” To explain this quote, success in financial investment comes right down to keenly examining the information about a company while comparing all these data to the possibilities that the future promises.

With the Tim Armour at the helm, the future does indeed look bright for Capital Group.

A Week Long Wen Experiment

Wen is a newer product to the haircare industry. In a world where there are countless shampoos and conditioners, Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioner eliminates a need for either of them. The formula for the cleansing conditioner includes ingredients that would make up for five other products that are used normally. Those products are shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and a leave-in conditioner.

Sephora available product has had good reviews and there are many infomercials to show off how this product works. Emily McClure decided to give this product a try. She is a hair care enthusiast and is always willing to try out new hair products. All of her results are documented on her

blog post.

One Day 1, Emily took her before pictures. After reading all of the instructions, she followed them exactly as stated. She even took a picture of the amount of product she used as well. One thing she did mention was that the first thing she noticed was how much thicker her hair felt.

Throughout the week, she was noticing how much healthier and shiny her hair was looking. Emily was also paying attention to the routine that was needed for this product. She needed to shower in the morning to get the best result.

On Day 7, the final day of the experiment, Emily showered in the morning as she had been doing all week. She was impressed with how healthy her hair looked and had even received compliments on it over the week.

In her final thoughts, Emily stated how she loved how her hair was looking but was not sure she could shower every morning to get that effect. Overall, it was a good product and she was willing to try it again especially for how shiny it made her hair.

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