George Soros’ Involvement in Politics

George Soros has been a prominent supporter of the democratic movement for a long time now. He has been in the limelight for almost 30 years and has a philanthropic organization called the Open Society Foundations that supports democracy and human rights in many countries.

Born in 1930, he is a refugee who fled Hungary in 1946 and spent his teenage years as a migrant in London. George worked in a railway station and as a waiter to finance his education in the Economics School of London and later moved to New York where he got his start working on Wall Street. He established his hedge fund, the Quantum Fund, with $12 million.

George Soros’ Contribution to the Elections
George Soros gave $500 million from his nonprofit organization’s funds to be invested in companies, businesses and social-impact initiatives established by migrants and refugees. He said this at a time when the UN had its general assembly in New York City where it hosted its first forum for Heads of State to discuss how to handle refugee and migrant crisis.

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He has been a detractor of the President-elect Donald Trump and his anti-immigration rhetoric since his nomination as the Republican Presidential nominee. He said that he was doing the work of ISIS. He went ahead and pledged $5 million through a super PAC, his aim being to mobilize Hispanic and Latino voters for Hillary Clinton.

George Soros committed more than $25 million towards Hillary Clinton, who was the Democrat Presidential candidate and other Democratic candidates. Sources close to him disclosed that most of the issues that he cared about like immigration, religious tolerance, and justice reform, were being supported by the Democratic nominee.

The donations made by Soros played a huge role in Hillary Clinton’s campaign in creating a substantial financial advantage over those that supported Trump. However, he missed the Democratic convention for Hillary’s nomination acceptance, despite them having a close relationship of many years. His excuse to miss the conference was that he felt he needed to monitor the economic situation in Europe.

George Soros also donated $1.5 million each to Senate PAC Majority, boosting Democratic Senate candidates and another that supports abortion rights.

Soros made other donations of about $5 million to a nonprofit that fights constant efforts to restrict voting.

Soros’ Reaction to the Election Result
He did not seem so pleased with the election results in November this year and so, together with other wealthy supporters, they are planning on how they will use their resources to prevent President-elect Trump from achieving his agenda during his term. This comes after spending millions trying to get Hillary Clinton win the elections.

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