Madison Street Capital Is A Finalist For Another M&A Award

Chicago-based Madison Street Capital, founded by Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala, has been a major player in the merger and acquisition industry for several years. Marsala has received numerous awards for his outstanding achievements in business, and Botchway has a long list of awards as well. Both men are top performers in their industry. Once again Madison Street Capital is a finalist for another merger and acquisition industry award. The Merger and Acquisition Advisor has named Madison Street Capital a finalist for the 15th annual M&A Advisor Award.

Madison Street Capital is having another good year in the M&A industry. The firm continues to attract clients from all over the world because of their reputation. In 2015, the firm closed more than 40 M&A deals, and that a considerable increase over the 2014 total. From all indications, Madison Street Capital will beat the 2015 total in 2016. The Chicago investment firm has been nominated as the best boutique investment firm of the year as well as the International and Industrial Deal Maker of the Year in the under $100 million category. That nomination is for Madison Street Capital’s involvement in the acquisition of Acuna and Associates by Madison Street’s long-term client, Dowco, according to an article published by Both Botchway and Marsala have been active in emerging market mergers and acquisitions, and this is a good example of how they put those international deals together.

The history of Madison Street Capital is filled with successful M&A deals. The firm also has an excellent track record when it comes to delivering financial advisory services. Botchway and Marsala say that emerging markets are the catalyst that drives the growth of domestic businesses that want to expand in the global market. Countries like Argentina, Brazil, China, and Mexico are prime targets for U.S. companies that want to compete on the world stage. Businesses that deal in information technology, manufacturing and even retail rely on Madison Street Capital to put emerging market companies in front of them that can increase productivity, sales, and bottom line profits. Marsala and Botchway are experts when it comes to bringing companies together that enhance their overall effectiveness in the marketplace.

It goes without saying that Madison Street Capital will continue to offer financial services to businesses around the world, and the firm will also continue to make executive decisions that impact the profitability of their clients. The M&A Advisor recognized firms like Madison Street Capital so the industry can see the impact these boutique investment firms have on the global economy. Madison Street Capital is one of the financial industry’s top performers, and the firm continues to help clients find solutions for challenging situations.

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