Lovaganza’s Announcement of its Global Celebration Date

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Lovaganza, an entertainment franchise, officially announced the dates for its highly awaited global celebration. This celebration will be themed “embarking on a BOHEMAIN ADVENTURE”. It will showcase the diverse cultures on the planet. There will also be thrilling entertainment in form of exhibitions, motion pictures and immersive attractions that the audience will be taken through.

The celebration will be based on the classic Cinerama and is scheduled to occur from May to September in the year 2020. In addition, it is set to be celebrated in eight different locations around the world. The celebrations were originally scheduled to take place in 2015 but were postponed to 2020. Lovaganza decided to push this date forward in order to utilize the emerging entertainment technologies and adopt brand new cutting edge concepts. With a major emphasis on Oceania, Africa, America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia, the celebration scheduled for four months will be a worldwide event.

The Traveling Show

Prior to the big global celebration date, a Traveling Show is set to take place in 2017. This show is meant to promote the goals and missions of the 2020 celebrations. It will also present a sample of cinematic glasses-free 3D innovation by Lovaganza across the globe. The show will feature the Lovaganza Caravan and entertainment meant to forecast the 2020 celebrations. The audience will get a chance to discover the diverse cultures in planet Earth via The Marvelous 12 animated series. This series will be presented using the new 3D-180ยก wraparound IMMERSCOPE screens.

After the Traveling Show hits the roads, three major motion pictures will be released via the new 3D glasses technology. These motion pictures will be presented in the traveling pavilions owned by Lovaganza and also be presented in standard 2D and 3D theaters. In the Lovaganza traveling pavilions, A WALK AROUND THE WORLD will be presented to the audience. The motion pictures’ footage is currently being shot in the United States, France and Spain. It will also be shot in India, Africa and other parts of the world.

Lovaganza’s Protocols

Lovaganza has planning and branding protocols that are organized in two different structures. The first structure, known as the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, is profitable and it focuses on providing entertainment to diverse audiences across the globe. The second structure, known as the Lovaganza Foundation, is a nonprofit entity that uses the visibility and success of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to support worldwide and regional initiatives. The Lovaganza Foundation is scheduled to be debuted in 2018.

Learn more about Lovaganza: https://www.behance.net/gallery/41611183/Lovaganza-2020

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