ClassDojo – Easy To Use, Exciting Platform For School Communication

The ClassDojo app was started by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don as a way of being able to communicate with a child’s class. The app makes it easy to track how well a child is engaged in class and able to learn. A communication platform, ClassDojo allows teachers to invite parents to track their child’s performance. The sharing allows for a greater sense of community to be built around learning.  Users are owners of the information, and the information is not passed on or shared with anyone. ClassDojo was born as a result of feedback from teachers and parents, so the app was adapted to the needs of both parties.

Do you wish that you had a better way of being able to communicate with your child’s teachers? Do you wish that you had a simpler way of communicating as an educator? Using ClassDojo, you can easily communicate with teachers and teachers can easily communicate with parents. The design of the website is very elegant and simple, as it results in a way of building a classroom community which is a great tool for teachers to communicate with parents and students. The mindset of ClassDojo is to promote a collaborative environment rather than a competitive one. This re-enforces the idea that individuals are there to assist one another rather than compete with one another.

The ClassDojo app seeks to build skills and positive classroom culture which will keep students engaged. The idea is to support the learning that goes on in the classroom to ensure that students are able to follow along with their activities that are scheduled on a daily basis. Education technology businesses promise to shake up the world, and ClassDojo is no exception with it’s easy to use app that many people fall in love with. The app is focused on being distributed to teachers and parents whom can benefit from the increased interactions with students. ClassDojo makes the process effortless by providing a information sheet which provides information about the service to parents. The idea of the platform is to eliminate the need for parent-teacher conferences. These are very burdensome for parents, and the platform is able to streamline the process to encourage parent engagement with the app. The startup has also promised to never earn revenue from the data that is entered into the app.


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    The app also features content from Stanford University which is there to promote the growth mindset as opposed to the fixed mindset. That is to say that college assignment help can help them to get a good standing with these ones.

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