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Solutions For Every Need At Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is your all in one software provider when it comes to Public Safety Solutions, Monitoring Solutions, Corrections Solutions and Investigative Solutions. This BBB A+ accredited company provides Information management can be ascertained via the Securus XJAIL or the Securus AIS. Telephone services, instant mail, video visitation, and voicemail all services in the communication sector provided by Securus Technologies.
STOP BLUtag, BLUband, and BLU+ are all Monitoring Solutions that were designed to fit every possible scenario. Investigative Solutions such as secure as threads and Securus location based services along with biometric analysis help make Securus Technologies a leader in the industry. According to PR Newswire, they have acquired Jpay Inc.just recently.

Emergency Response and Incident Management are amongst the biggest concerns when it comes to Public Safety Solutions provided and offered at Securus Technologies. No matter what your need is Securus Technologies has the solution that is viable for you.

I was pleasantly pleased when I learned of all the dedication that Securus Technologies brings to the table when it comes to the areas of investigative Solutions, Public Safety Solutions, and Monitoring Solutions alone.

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Doing Things the Igor Cornelsen Way

Igor Cornelsen has the knowledge that all investors could use. It just pays to look out for him. He hasn’t written any books like Suze Orman, but his methodologies for investing are just as sound. In some cases he may even have a better scenario for investing on an international level.

Cornelsen has definitely been able to help me because he has opened my eyes on things like investing in Brazil. I never thought of this before, but now I could not imagine how my portfolio would look if I had not started considering some international investments. I like the way that my returns are growing when it comes to the Brazilian investments that I have. Sometimes the American stocks are yielding a higher return rate, but most of the time I am getting the higher return rates from my Brazilian investments. I have Igor Cornelsen to thank for this. I would have never saw the need for these types of investments if he would not have given me this advice.

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Managing Your Portfolio Utilizing Some Of Igor Cornelsen’s Methods

Igor Cornelsen Offers Insights Making Investments

Now I can totally see how this has become one of the most important things when it comes to investing. I see that Brazil is a great place that is rich in raw materials. I have found that investing is more about discovering what is actually in your portfolio. There have been times when I hate to admit it, but I didn’t even know what I had in my portfolio. I just picked a group of stocks that were classified as aggressive. I didn’t even know if these were good stocks to invest in. I know much more about investing now though because Igor has made me become conscious of the stocks that I was investing in.

Igor Cornelsen is a powerful investor that also has his own company. He has managed to bring his skills from Brazil to Florida. This is where he resides, and that is where he provides help to those that need financial consultants.

The thing that has made me take heed to him is his ability to spread the word on finances without looking for a payment. I think that this is the more valuable thing about his advice. I didn’t have to pay for some expensive book to get his information. To the contrary, all that I had to do was search for his name. I was instantly able to see recommendations from Igor Cornelsen. I think that this gives him credibility. I know that he isn’t just out to make a quick buck.

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ClassDojo – Easy To Use, Exciting Platform For School Communication

The ClassDojo app was started by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don as a way of being able to communicate with a child’s class. The app makes it easy to track how well a child is engaged in class and able to learn. A communication platform, ClassDojo allows teachers to invite parents to track their child’s performance. The sharing allows for a greater sense of community to be built around learning.  Users are owners of the information, and the information is not passed on or shared with anyone. ClassDojo was born as a result of feedback from teachers and parents, so the app was adapted to the needs of both parties.

Do you wish that you had a better way of being able to communicate with your child’s teachers? Do you wish that you had a simpler way of communicating as an educator? Using ClassDojo, you can easily communicate with teachers and teachers can easily communicate with parents. The design of the website is very elegant and simple, as it results in a way of building a classroom community which is a great tool for teachers to communicate with parents and students. The mindset of ClassDojo is to promote a collaborative environment rather than a competitive one. This re-enforces the idea that individuals are there to assist one another rather than compete with one another.

The ClassDojo app seeks to build skills and positive classroom culture which will keep students engaged. The idea is to support the learning that goes on in the classroom to ensure that students are able to follow along with their activities that are scheduled on a daily basis. Education technology businesses promise to shake up the world, and ClassDojo is no exception with it’s easy to use app that many people fall in love with. The app is focused on being distributed to teachers and parents whom can benefit from the increased interactions with students. ClassDojo makes the process effortless by providing a information sheet which provides information about the service to parents. The idea of the platform is to eliminate the need for parent-teacher conferences. These are very burdensome for parents, and the platform is able to streamline the process to encourage parent engagement with the app. The startup has also promised to never earn revenue from the data that is entered into the app.


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The Social Crisis That Is Affecting Venezuela

Venezuela has experienced a wave of riots in the last few few weeks.In a report by Noticias 24, the looting that has come about because of the social problems in Venezuela has caused three people to lose their lives. The prosecutors office is investigating the death of these three people because they were shot during these protest. Many different shops and stores have become the targets of violence in Venezuela.
There have been crowds that have entered into stores chanting, “we want food!” According to Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez, every day this is happening more and more, and it has become a very big problem in Venezuela.

President Nicholas Maduro won the election after Hugo Chavez in 2013 and he is accusing his enemies of deliberately stirring up trouble and seeking a coup. The political opposition is trying to remove Maduro, who is a socialist, from office. They claim that the country is in turmoil because of him, and that the only solution to the countries problems is to get rid of the current president. More and More there are individuals that are agreeing with their sentiments.

Slyce: Leading Innovators in Visual Search Technology

Launched in 2012, Slyce has become the leading innovators in visual search technology. They have done so well that they went public for IPO/Stock on April 24, 2015. They have between 250 to 500 employees, and the following are their main key players:

– Cameron Chell, co-founder- an author and serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience.

– Ted Mann, president- founder of SnipSnap which is the first app to scan paper coupons, and to save it as a mobile offer.

– Erika Racicot, COO & Co-founder, and director- focused on excellence and operational execution. Her passion started as she worked for a national retail chain.

– Khurram Qureshi, Chief Financial Officer- he has held this position since November 2013. Since April 2007, he has also been a partner for CQK Chartered Accountants LLP.

– Dale Johnson, executive chairman & director- he has been the corporate director and independent business consultant since 2007.

– George Colwell, director, he’s SAP’s financial services managing and principal partner of The Creative Alliance.

– Kevin Taylor, director- he is the CEO and president of Prism Equity Group and TEReI International Ltd., a private equity and merchant bank organization that provides representative, M&A, financial consulting, equity, and debt services for companies in American companies in renewable energy, pharmaceutical, technology, and telecommunications.

– Travis Reid, director- he has been the CEO since November 2010 for Screenvision Cinema Network LLC, which provides media, advertising, and marketing solutions.

Slyce provides purchasing platform of point of interest. This allows users to identify an object upon seeing it with the use of visual/image recognition technology, audio and video recognition, NFC, and barcode and QR scanning.  Also, the user can share the product discoveries on social media. This company’s technology can be used by publishers, brands, and retailers to allow consumers to shop upon the moment of inspiration. Consumers can also take photos of the products they see in the real world, and receive identical or similar products that matched the read world products to make an immediate purchase.

The process in operating their visual search technology is as follows:

1. A coupon, barcode, or QR code is extracted, and then data is instantly returned to shoppers.
2. A photo of printed material, billboard, or from the real world is compared to an exact match or similar item.
3. Then the consumer is able to purchase immediately.