Marc Beer leads Renovia Inc. is Looking for Funds to Fight Pelvic Floor Disorders

Renovia Inc. is a company that discovered and delivered the first-line digital diagnostic and therapeutic devices. These devices help in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders in women. Renovia received a funding of $ 42.3 million that would be divided into two. $10 million would go to the business debt, and the remaining $ 32.3 Million goes to the Series B equity. The funds would help in supporting future commercial launches, corporate development, product development process, and the company’s clinical tests. Perceptive Advisers and Ascension Ventures led the series B process assisted by OSF Ventures, Cormorant Asset Management, and Longwood Fund. Others were Inova Strategic Investments, Cormorant Asset Management, and Western Technology Investment. Renova’s adviser in the process was BayCross Capital Group. Learn more:


The Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer who is also one of the Renovia Inc. founders Marc Beer thanked the group for supporting the noble idea. He noted that the supporters were leading healthcare companies that share the Renova Inc.’s vision of offering better diagnostic procedures as well as treating and improving the lives of the millions of pelvic floor disorder victims. He added that the company was thankful to have the three integrated healthcare networks and financial businesspersons because they go together with Renovia’s commercial and clinical vision. Beer also noted that the proprietary and innovative sensor technologies with the modern digital platform would provide the best services to the customers. Additionally, the customers would get valuable data informing them on the availability of modern treatment options, help them understand and have more knowledge on the pelvic floor disorders.


Marc Beer started Renovia Inc. in August 2016 in collaboration with the Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorié. They succeeded in financing the company with the help of various healthcare venture fund in the series A process. Beer formerly worked for Viacell and sat in the Board Directors of NASDAQ: ERYP, Erytech Pharma. At Genzyme, Marc Beer worked as the Vice President of Global Marketing. Before joining Genzyme, Marc Beer worked in the sales department of NYSE: ABT, Abbott Chemicals. He served in Emerging Companies Section Governing Board of BIO, Biotechnology Industry Organization among other positions, Marc Beer is a graduate Miami University of Ohio where he pursued his Bachelors of Science degree.


As an influential figure, there are many things that we can learn from Marc Beer. The fundamental lessons are that successful healthcare merely starts with talent acquisition. The other lesson is that you have to think about cash flow whenever launching any business. We also learn that the innovative firms that are trying to be disruptive cannot think in conventional wisdom mindset. And finally, never rest on a strategy, keep moving.Thanks to Marc Beer.


A Brief History of Paul Mampilly- A Successful Investor

Paul Mampilly is a prominent figure in the investment industry. He has piloted many investment corporations to the industry’s top position and mentored many successful venture capitalists.

Mampilly’s Educational Background

Paul Mampilly is one of the most educated investment experts. In 1986, he joined Montclair State University where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting. In 1995, he decided to further his studies at Fordham Graduate School of Business. He graduated in 1997, with a master’s in Business Administration.

Paul Mampilly’s career background

Mr. Mampilly began his career in 1991 when Wall Street hired him as its assistant portfolio manager. Within a short time, the financial and investment giant promoted him to top administrative positions since he was one of the company’s most dynamic administrators.

In 2006, Kinetic Asset Management appointed Mr. Mampilly as the manager of their hedge fund. During his tenure, Mr. Mampilly grew the company’s assets from $6 billion to $25 billion. In fact, Barron’s honored Kinetic Asset Management as the “World’s Best” hedge funds.

After decades of working in corporates, Paul Mampilly decided to guide millennial investors through the puzzling investment industry by sharing his investment skills through leading television programs and investment newsletters.

In 2016, Mr. Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing, one of United States’ principal companies that publish financial journals. Mr. Mampilly authors the Profit Unlimited, a newsletter that details the most lucrative investment opportunities worth advancing.

Paul Mampilly career accomplishments

In 2009, the Templeton Foundation honored Mr. Mampilly as one of the most talented financial executives. He received the honor during the 2008-2009 economic downturns, a period when most companies made huge financial losses. Mr. Mampilly’s firm was one of the few that withstood the financial recession.

Besides the 2009 award, Mr. Mampilly is one of the most talented authors in the investment world. His newsletter has a large audience of over 90,000 enthusiastic readers from around the world.

In addition to his authorship and administrative skills, Mr. Mampilly has been featured in Fox Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and other top TV programs. The programs feature only the talented investment executives.

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Sussex Healthcare: Search + Recap

Sussex Healthcare provides gyms and other services at their facilities for the benefit of their long-term residents. Exercise is scientifically proven to improve overall health in the human body. Exercise provides cardiovascular benefits and what is good for the heart offers great benefits to the brain as well. Exercise also improves cognitive use and provides neurological benefits. Exercise helps to improve memory and slows down memory decline. It is particularly beneficial to patients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Exercise also benefits those who suffer from depression because it increases those feel-good hormones like dopamine and endorphins. Seniors cherish their freedom and enjoy their independence. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Crunchbase.

The facility provides a fully equipped gym where residents can work out on various exercise machines. There is a gym at each facility which contains stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, medicine balls, free weights, pools, hot tubs, and pulley machines for strengthening muscles. The gyms also have qualified trainers who offer group sessions for residents to work out together. In addition to the gym, Sussex Healthcare has beautiful grounds for residents to take long walks outside. Fresh air and outdoor activities are also very beneficial to the cognitive and neurological development of the residents. Read this article at

Sussex Healthcare is an award-winning long-term care facility for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It also serves younger adults who have neurological or cognitive disorders. The facilities are designed to meet the needs of residents by making them feel comfortable and at home. The residents at Sussex Healthcare have private dwellings, and they can come in as either single or as a couple.

The residents can have their privacy while still benefitting from the nursing and medical care services and recreational services. They also get the benefit of having a chef on board who prepares daily nutritional meals. The residents get to enjoy eating in the dining room, on the grounds, or in their private dwelling. There is also a menu for those with special dietary needs. Sussex Healthcare combines exercise, nutrition, and other services to provide a healthy and satisfying environment for its residents.


Agriculture Expert And Eucatex Executive Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf has been the President and CEO of the furniture and textile export business known as Eucatex for two decades. Eucatex, which is a combination of the words Eucalyptus and textile, provides building supplies and other products to 40 countries, including the US, Germany, Mexico, Holland and England. In a recent report the executive made regarding Brazil’s agricultural exports, he stated that there has been a 0.7% decrease in them over the last year, and acknowledged that Asian countries like China have been the main buyers of Brazilian exports in this time period, with soybeans and cellulose being two of the things that are bought the most by these countries. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

In addition, he expressed that the European Union, or EU, which consists of 28 countries, was the 2nd largest location that Brazilian agribusiness exports were sent to in June of 2017, with an increase in their buying of soybeans, green coffee, orange juice and pulp. Flavio Maluf said that based on his survey of the South American nation’s harvest between 2017 and 2018, there seems to be a favorable balance of business pertaining to the sales of grains and oil, and he feels that soybean production will increase by 4.2% more than last year’s crop.

Flavio Maluf started running Eucatex, his family’s business, in 1997, but although he comes from a wealthy family of prominent politicians, he wanted to make his own way. The Sao Paulo native attended Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, where he earned a Mechanical Engineering degree, and NYU, where he earned a BA degree, before venturing into the business world. He previously worked in the financial district at Citicorp. Not only does he have a leadership position at Eucatex, but he is also the President of Grandfood, a company that manufactures the pet brands called Golden and Premier Pet.

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GreenSky : A Rising Leader in Financial Technology


GreenSky LLC is a publicly traded company founded in 2006 and with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years, the company has built relationships with customers by financing various projects including retail, patient credit, home improvement, solar and unsecured loans among others. The company has dealings and a reputation across all the 50 states.

How GreenSky does business

GreenSky is essentially a financial technologies provider. As such, the company provides technology to merchants and banks enabling them to make loans to customers for various purposes. Wikipedia observes that GreenSky  programs are financed by federally-insured state and federal chartered financial institutions.

The nature of financing makes GreenSky one of the best fintech providers in the market.

Why Choose GreenSky  

Since the company was founded in 2006, GreenSky has played a significant role in revolutionizing consumer credit and small businesses. The financial technology providers has facilitated and enabled consumers to access more affordable and universal financing.

Despite being the industry for slightly more than a decade, GreenSky has managed to achieve tremendous success and reliability. The Wikipedia and the Wall Street Journal document much of the company’s achievements. For instance, GreenSky  raised $5 million in capital and launched a $2 billion lending program with Fifth Third Bancorp of Cincinnati, Ohio. Also, the financial technology provider had facilitated and enabled provision of nearly $5 billion through their credit program.

Upon raising the substantial capital, the company was valued at $3.6 billion, making it one of the leading financial technology providers in the US. The company’s portfolio of investors, including Wellington Management, QED Investors, Iconiq Capital, and TPG further indicate why you should use the company’s credit program. In fact, the Wall Street Journal quoted that the 2016 valuation made “…GreenSky one of the most valuable privately held financial technology startups.”


Apart from the financials, its credit programs, people, and technology solutions have improved customers’ lives. The firm has a reputation for its ability to offer customized credit solutions with the capacity to enhance sales. More importantly, GreenSky  serves customers ranging from individual consumers, small and medium enterprises, to the world’s largest and most exacting firms.

Stream Energy and its Involvement in Charity Works

After the hurricane hit the United States of America, many companies in the country helplessly watched people losing their lives and their properties destroyed. However, one company based in Dallas by the name Stream Energy became the first to stand and work towards the recovery, hence reducing the financial burden that their customers had been loaded with. Stream Energy, is basically a direct selling company. Recently the company has launched its own charity foundation buy the name Stream Care. The foundation is expected to spread charity work all over the country. Charity is not something new with Stream Energy as they have been engaging in search activities for over 12 years.


The Stream Care foundation is targeting to offer their help to the needy through offering their support to the local charities and the entire community. It is a relatively new phenomenon for a business or a corporation to have such a separate philanthropy arm. This is advantageous to the corporation because as it gives back to its immediate community, the corporation in turn earn respect and loyalty from its clients and also the public. This is so because corporate giving is highly profiled and largely publicized.



Through energy selling, Stream Energy is able to pay its associates who in turn come up with loyal clients and deliver diverse products and services. The company offers corporate and residential services like telemedicine, discounted clean energy and virtual doctor. The company cares more on people who are homeless. This has prompted the company to track and find out how many people are homeless in Dallas on a routine basis.


Stream Energy partners with the Hope Supply Co. which on routine basis provide clothes, diapers and school supplies among many other things to the homeless children. This company has been in partnership with Hope Supply for more than 4 years. Stream has showed continuous involvement in working towards charity, clearly proved by their resent response to helping those who fall as victims of the tornado in Texas 2 years ago. They worked tirelessly in collaboration with the Salvation Army to raise money for those who lost their homes.

Michel Terpins on achieving excellence.

A love for rallying and excelling in it. These basically compounds the life of Brazilian rally driver Michel Terpins. He has excelled at it so much so that it has begun to crowd his Cross country achievements. He has been able to grow as a driver since he joined the scene in the early 2000’s and is not about to stop anytime soon. He has a penchant for winning, and he has brought it with him to rallying.

Growing up Rodrigo Terpins would join the cross-country championship. Over the next few years that he was part of it, he was able to grow and become a dominant champion. This was achieved through constant encouragement of his father as well as the hard work he put in on a personal level. After he left the same, he was appointed to lead its transformation and bring on-board more funding and new talent. This was no small task, but given his reputation, Michel Terpins was up to the task. He has been able to grow the sport to become one of the most visible in the country.

Rodrigo Terpins has taken part in a number of races within the Brazilian rally calendar. This includes the Sertoes rally, which is considered the toughest. Its ability to test every aspect of the driver and car capability is what makes one of the most recognizable races among rally enthusiast. The Sertoes rally on average will cover anything over 2500 kilometers on any given edition. This will take competitors through the various terrains found in Brazil and at the same time give fans an opportunity to experience the true rally experience. This has enabled the Sertoes rally, which is headed to its 29th edition to be considered one of the premier rally competitions globally. Since Michel Terpins became a rally driver, he has been able to grow his career to a level where he commands a lot of respect with the rally fraternity. This respect and trust have seen him come up with a number of initiatives as well as support others that he deemed suitable for the sport. You can checkout for more details.


Felipe Montoro Jens Shades More Light on the Rampant Project Failure in Brazil

According to a 2017 CNI study, 2,796 projects are stagnant in Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure industry expert, said that 517 projects, which corresponds to 18.5% of the total projects, belong to the infrastructure industry.

The situation is so bad that the basic sanitation sector was hit with more than 447 projects not continuing into completion. The National Confederation of Industry attributes the occurrence to small amount of resources being channeled to projects in the infrastructure industry. However, there was poor project planning reported as the most projects were not executed well.

Making it even worse, most education projects which are perceived to be less costly and less complicated did not pull to completion. Felipe Montoro Jens believes that CNI had foreseen this. Nevertheless, the study revealed that the situation was contributed to by technical problems, expropriation, financial difficulties as well as companies abandoning projects. More about of Felipe at

Ilana Ferreira gave more clarifications saying that technical problems are the major causes of project failures. She continued to say that while the economic crisis could have contributed to the menace, the project implementers have to be held accountable for poor planning and implementation of projects.

The economic crisis at Brazil is a factor that can’t be overlooked. Felipe Montoro Jens shade more light on the same saying the government approached the crisis through cutting down on expenditure. In the process, many projects were affected.

In light of this, CNI came up with several recommendations to contain the situation. CNI advocated for: micro-planning improvement, good execution strategies, designing of balanced contracts, better equipment to teams and strengthening of internal control to curb the menace. The CNI director emphasized on the importance of learning from mistakes.

The CNI was founded in 1938 and it is the highest body in the union system of the national industry. It collaborates with relevant authorities and bodies to fight for the best interests of the national industry. Website:



Flavio Maluf Discusses June Results of Brazilian Agribusiness

The results for Brazilian agribusiness exports for June 2018 were announced on July 13th. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, the figures show a net decrease of 0.7% compared to June of last year. The agricultural sector represented 45.6% of Brazil’s total foreign sales for June 2018.

Flavio Maluf, president of Eucatex, states that agricultural exports for June were $9.21 billion USD, which matches the exports for June 2017, but agricultural imports for June of this year were $1.04 billion USD, resulting in the net decrease of 0.7%. The import figures for June 2018 reflect a 10.1% decrease compared to the same period last year, resulting in a net export value of $8.17 billion USD. Read more about Flavio Maluf on Crunchbase

Soy and soy products account for just over half of Brazil’s agribusiness exports in June. Other significant exports in this industry are forest products, meat, sugar-alcohol complex and coffee. These five sectors comprise 87.1% of Brazil’s agribusiness exports in June of this year.

According to Flavio Maluf, the top export destinations for Brazilian agribusiness are Asia (primarily China) and the European Union. Soybeans and cellulose account for the majority of Asian receipts, which have been steady. In the European Union, however, sales of soybean meal, pulp, orange juice and green coffee increased by a total of $208.10 million USD.

Brazil’s soybean production is expected to increase by 4.2% this year, amounting to 119 million tons. The favorable trade balance of soybean complex (which includes soybean grains, meal and oil) indicate that export volume will approach 72 million tons, an increase of 5.6% over the previous period. Flavio Maluf also stresses that the average price increase of 5.1% resulted in a 5.2% increase in quantity and a 10.6% increase in export value during the first half of 2018, as compared to the same period in 2017.

Maluf also points out that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply oversees the many aspects of Brazilian agribusiness as well as promote food security, sustainable development and market competitiveness.

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Alex Hern Focus Makes Success

Success is a term that is thrown around a lot more often these days. a lot of new companies and entrepreneurs have come to the Forefront and the last 10 to 20 years and they are chasing success and Triumph. a good entrepreneur is one that comes up with a great idea or concept that they have a great plan to execute. the plan correctly then success is almost certain. one person who understands and who has done this is Alex Hern. Alex Hern is an entrepreneur that has truly found his place in the world. Visit to know more.

Alex is a man that has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. over the course of his career he tended to focus on companies and Ventures but focus on technology and the development of it. who was a member, founder, and leader of many different companies. Companies like military commercial technology and ArcSight. One of the biggest and most important companies that he works with is Tsunami XR.


Tsunami XR Came about from a change in the computer technology industry and the equipment that they use. computers went from using CPU to GPU driven Hardware. Alex knew that the new computers would need new software and platforms for operation. Call Alex Hern and his company spend their time focusing on creating this. Alex doesn’t believe in multitasking and would rather focus on one goal until it is achieved. focusing on his goals is what he believes makes him successful as an entrepreneur and businessman. it is a very simple key, but a lot of people can’t do it for a prolonged amount of time. Focusing but not rushing is a way to achieve success like Alex Hern. Alex Hern also believe in working with partner who can come up with reliable solutions. Every Soul that they try to generate to come with people who know how to make good decisions. it all comes down to consistency and a plan to execute. Alex Hern give me advice that failure is not the end and to forever strive for excellence. Just be sure to learn from the failure. Learn more about Alex at