Unique Among Men

Each person has to decide at some point in their life how they want to live, whether that choice is a conscious one or subconscious. The decision can be influenced by our upbringing, our friends, family, or coworkers. Sometimes it is for the good, and sometimes the bad. One particular person who has made it a point to fight for human rights is Thor Halvorssen.

Thor has a very fascinating upbringing as he is nearly of royal descent. Born and raised in Venezuela, his mother is a descendant of the first president of Venezuela, and his father, who is from Norway is the grandson of the king’s consul. Both of his parents at one time or another have been involved in human rights activities and have tried to help make the world a better place.

Among the many skills that Thor has learned beyond human rights activities is that he is also a film producer. He has ten films to his credit, including a few more popular ones such as 2081 and Uprising, and is currently working on Halo of Stars. He has been able to use film to also portray human rights and to show areas that need more attention.

Thor has also developed a great skill in writing, having written articles for news outlets and magazines around the world. He was able to write about an event involving his mother during a rally. His mother, while attending a peace rally in 2004 was shot. The Venezuelan government security apparatus opened fire on a crowd of people, his mother was one of those who were shot. She survived, however, one innocent bystander did not survive the deluge of bullets and Thor of resume.

Thor’s father also had a near death experience while working to infiltrate the Colombian cartel, he was captured and tortured as they believed him to be a terrorist. He survived 74 days in a Medellin jail. Thor worked with Amnesty International to help set his father free.

It is people like Thor and his family that help to make the world a better place. His actions speak louder than words.

The Fast Track To Success & EOS Has Acheived It

If you haven’t heard by now, “Evolution of Smooth” is now the biggest and best selling lip balm brand on the market today. This brand has the game on lock, literally and it gives the consumer many benefits that the other brands don’t. Unlike EOS lip balm, other brands such as Blistex, Burt’s Bees, and Chapstick are loaded with man-made chemicals. These chemicals are masked by fruity flavors and scents while they’re doing most of the damage in an underlying way. Long term use of these very products can create a host of issues such as dry mouth and dry lips. On the other hand, Evolution of Smooth is backed by proven facts and it delivers the very best in nutrients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html

This creates a great synergistic affect for the entire mouth region. EOS sells over 1 Million units on a weekly basis, which has helped to make it into the best selling lip balm on the market. Lip Balm Company expectations are looking great as well as EOS is projected to be worth at least $2 Billion within the next 3 year time frame. Strategic marketing also boosts it’s sells as many of it’s consumers are under the age of 35 years old. Since it’s inception back in 2009, this eclectic brand has grown dramatically and it is now an industry powerhouse.

This is 21st Century lip balm at it’s finest. Evolution of Smooth is sold at many popular retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Amazon, and more. With 161,000 Twitter and 700,000 Instagram followers, this brand is well on its way as the best lip balm of all time. Only time will tell with that title, but EOS is sitting pretty at the top.


What You Don’t Know About Atomic Design Rochester Could Be Costing to More Than You Think

You cannot merely utilize website design’ as your keyword. It’s said that design is a first marketing language of sites. Website design is the process of developing any internet page to make it appear more appealing yet comfortable.

Atomic Design Rochester NY Options

Rochester is among the largest cities in New York. In any case, Channel 10 Atomic Design Rochester is a superb resource for people appearing to remain current. As a result, it is a great tool for anybody looking to get ahead in the workplace. By providing comprehensive coverage on all of the most important local stories, it offers something for virtually everyone, no matter what their particular needs or interests might be.

In case the website is suitably optimized and designed, more customers will discover your products and services in the different search engines. Many sites restrict the quantity of submissions you are going to be in a place to execute daily. Search for an online development company which you can depend on for an excellent premium site that provides you each of the things which you ought to develop into a thriving business in the city of atomic design Rochester NY.

A search engine optimization company is primarily a group that addresses content which goes onto the net. An excellent search engine marketing company is going to have the team of experts who is going to have formal training on how best to be content search engine marketing friendly. Furthermore, you should always choose a business that provides services like SEO, search engine advertising, web content writing, social media advertising, blog promotion and Google AdWords management together with the regular online marketing services.

Luckily, the expert firm you employ can easily adapt your plan to fulfill any horizons that you want to pursue. Consequently, a company has ever shown corporate social responsibility. Thus, a company that has been in existence for some time should have sufficient knowledge in online marketing Atomic Design Rochester – LocalStack. Most companies are getting involved in digital marketing today. Choosing an able graphics company to design an automobile banner is tremendously advised.

The Death of Atomic Design Rochester

You may also opt to develop a different of your site, especially for mobile gadgets. Website designing is a rather very good profession nowadays where everything is now computerized. It’s simple, and you may monetize the site almost instantly. In case you are planning to launch a new location, or you’re thinking to pursue your career in online marketing, then you ought to find out more about SEO tools. Individuals are having more striking websites full of high-quality contents to fit the industry trend and demand.

For people who have a website with different pages (e-commerce website, blog) then prices can be adjusted accordingly. The most significant issue to stay in mind while creating a site is the fact that it should be very attractive. One the more important thing is that you have to create the site very informative also. You will find tons of such websites online which you might find through Google search. Informative, updated good designed site is x-factor to assemble traffic on your site.

Technology and Fashion Trends For The Future

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States. For his long years of professional experience as an investor and entrepreneur in this business, he has worked to found and sell more than 50 companies at the level of multi-million corporations. For this reason, no one has ever determined the correct course of business until it grows to the general population. For you to get better business development, you might consider working for in associate companies that develop high-end capabilities in this country. According to him, the better business development is not created through animation. However, it has all to do with better business management in a manner that does not depict the actual nature of business transactions.


According to Chris Burch, the future of the fashion industry strongly relies on the future of technology. He has worked to develop a strong relationship between the two industries that can never be broken. For the fashion industry to grow, the technology industry has to grow as well. Or his reason, people develop high-end capabilities that do not work for these sectors. Technology and fashion are not considered as seamless entities in the world of business and finance. For this reason, they end up working for the greater good of the people associated with development.


While the industry can have many differences, the one remaining constant is that both of them grow in a seamless manner no one grows without the help of the other. When we look at the events that denote the commonness of these industries, we are forced to accept this as a fact that cannot be denied. For his reason, technology and fashion will keep growing together into the future. As a matter of fact, everyone has a better understanding of what it takes to do business in a new environment. Over time, technology grows  become technologically fashionable. For this reason, technology will keep working for the greater benefit of the people associated with its development capabilities. A fascinating part  this story is how the two industries grow together in a seamless manner. When we look at past events, we are forced to understand that these industries are never apart.


The 70s brought about the boom box as the new technology to play music in the world. Its adoption was on a massive scale. For this reason, whoever had this tool was considered as fashionable. Therefore, fashion and technology grow together.



Why Non-Jewish Stars are Attracted to Kabbalah

There are many celebrities that over the years have become interested in Kabbalah. Some are attracted due to the faith’s belief in helping others while some want a source of stability in a chaotic world. There are other reasons as well, such as Marilyn Monroe due Kabbalah’s concept of a close-knit family life.

One of the most well-known adherents to Kabbalah is Madonna. She has become so interested that she paid for a Kabbalah center to be opened near where she lives. Her reason was her belief that we’re here on Earth to help others and her faith helps her do that. Another adherent was Sammy Davis Jr. who wanted to be part of something larger and more important than himself. Davis even converted to Judaism because of the honesty and spiritual peace of Kabbalah made up for something he lacked. Another proponent of Kabbalah, Sandra Bernhard, said that it eliminated 80% of the chaos she was experiencing in her life.

Kabbalah Centre International was opened in Los Angeles, California in 1984. This nonprofit teaches Kabbalistic teachings online, in the center, and at its affiliates and study groups around the world. The center also provides courses that teach the Zohar, which is their religious texts. The center operates over 50 branches and some of the major ones are located in London, New York City, and Toronto.

The Kabbalah Centre starts its teaching with classes and sermons that don’t require the student to know Hebrew or have any previous knowledge of Kabbalah at all. The adherents of Kabbalah also hold to the belief that all types of religious and spiritual beliefs that people hold are branches of an ancient and universal wisdom. Due to this, the center is a supplement rather than a replacement for other religions.

The center offers their teachings in a number of formats. In addition to attending a center, they have an online website for learning, books, DVD’s, and prayer services. The center also has a supportive community that helps people to grow spiritually, exchange information, develop relationships, and encourages volunteering in order to help others.

Clay Siegall’s Contribution To The Research On Cancer

Over the last two decades, many companies have joined the field of cancer research. Seattle Genetics leads the pack. The biotech firm has some of the most exciting technologies in the field. The company is the brainchild of Clay Siegall, a genetic expert. Clay co-founded the company in 1998. Through his innovative ideas, funding, and leadership, Clay has managed to enhance the company’s profitability margins. The tripling of the company’s stock prices in the last five years is an evidence of the entity’s growth and high-quality leadership. Clay is the president and CEO of the firm.

Dr. Clay Seigall is a revered authority in matters of cancer research. Since earning his PhD in Genetics from George Washington University, the scientist has been involved in cancer research. He started his research career at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a senior research investigator before being promoted to serve as the principal scientist. At the National Cancer Institute, he worked as the staff fellow and biotechnology fellow.

Seattle Genetics is involved in developing cancer therapies using antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) technology. The company was the first to produce and commercialize a cancer drug using the technology. The drug, ADCETRIS, is available in over 60 countries worldwide. In 2011, FDA approved the drug. This information was originally mentioned on Salary.com .

Since developing drugs is expensive, Dr. Siegall has partnered with other companies to help push ADCs technology to its full potentials. These companies are developing different therapies under licenses provided by Seattle Genetics. In return, the company has earned millions of dollars from these licenses.

When he became Seattle Genetics’ CEO in 2002, the company was struggling with raising funds for its research and operation. The entrepreneur embarked on a campaign that saw the company undertake a successful IPO. Under his leadership, the company has raised over $1.2 billion in private and public funding.

In 2013, Dr. Siegall received the University of Maryland’s Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences. In 2012, he was awarded the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Clay is also a successful author. He has over 70 scientific papers, which have been published in varies journals. Moreover, the scientist holds 15 patents.

The Future of Technology With Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, writer, and a commentator. He is known to speak about everyhthing technology related.

Recently, Jason Hope wrote about technology extensively at Tech.co. In the article, he referred to this notion of the Internet of Things.

Mr. Hope states that the Internet of Things is the greatest new wave of advancement in the technology industry. The articles Hope has written is highly regarded as some of the most important writings on new technology. The Internet of Things is a new idea. It is about connected technology which allows a number of devices to sync to one another. These devices would include kitchen appliances, cars, electronics and street lights. The idea is that these devices would be connected together to be more efficient and eliminate waste.

According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things has the ability to change the operation of businesses and be the biggest technological advancement in the future. This idea is so monumental that is can become the largest investment for the world’s major corporations. Hope believes that when major players in the global business market get the Internet of Things trend, others will follow suit. In the perfect world, almost every device in the world will be connected to one another.

Read more: The Rise of IoT and Security Issues

While smart technology is merely a simple convenience for many now, Jason Hope believes that in the near future, it will become a way of life. Now, smart technology includes going on the computer, using smartphones, checking email but soon it will include basis daily life activities such as making a cup of coffee and turning the lights on or off in the home.

Jason Hope is a futurist that grew up in Tempe, Arizona. He has a degree in Finance from Arizona State University and he has his Master’s Degree from the same institution. Jason is heavy in philanthropy and he dedicates a portion of his time to politics in the state of Arizona.

National vs Community Banking & What’s The Best Route For You

When it comes to banking, there are numerous ways of achieving the desired results. Despite what the economy is looking like right about now, the banking industry has been able to maintain thanks to the availability of advanced technology. This technology allows us as a people to do our banking at anytime of the day or night. Fortunately, community banking has stepped it’s game up big time and is now offering many of the same services that were once used only by the larger national banks. Unfortunately, national banks have been a slow decline throughout the years because of it’s higher rates and overcrowded feeling. When you compare these two distinct institutions against each other, it’s the community banks who are performing the best.

NexBank Capital is one of the most successful community styled banking institution in the country and it’s setting a new tone for how banking is done. Being run by President and CEO John Holt, this affluent bank has been steadily climbing the ranks when it comes to financial centers thanks to it’s overabundance of innovative services. The bank has an estimated $4.0 Billion on assets and it was involved in one the nation’s most successful loan programs known as “The Affordable Housing Loan Program.” NexBank offered up to $50 Million in loan support for lower income families with limited mortgage access.

John Holt represented NexBank well as the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference last year where he served as a panelist. This special event is dedicated to community banking as consultants, bank leaders, and advisors discus any and everything about the industry. Nothing is left off topic or up o chance either, which is helped this style of banking become the powerhouse that it is today.


Rona Borre, a Business Leader in the World of Women Entrepreneurship

Rona Borre’s story is a true inspirational piece
Rona Borre’s story is a true inspirational piece

Rona Borre and Instant Alliance

In this competitive entrepreneurial world, Rona Borre has made an indelible mark. She is recognized as one of the leading female entrepreneurs in Chicago, a position earned through her work as the CEO of Instant Alliance. The company, formerly Instant Technology, started from the humble beginnings of a condo in Chicago, in 2001 with its business focused on the labor market, by offering technology and finance staff to its clients. Over the years, the company, under the leadership of Rona Borre, has seen tremendous growth in revenue and client base as well as securing its reputation as one of the leading woman-owned enterprises.

Have a peek at cnbc.com to read additional articles about her.

Rona Borre’s Lifetime Achievements

Rona’s efforts as a lady business leader in Chicago, have continued to earn her leadership roles as well as accolades among her clients and the larger Chicago community. Some of her leadership roles include one in the Economic Club of Chicago, The Chicago Network and the Young Presidents Organization, institutions whose focus is to spur economic growth in Chicago. As a leader, she has been honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Business Ledger as an influential woman in business. Media outlets have also not been left behind in recognizing Rona’s work in the labor industry. CBS Chicago, CNBC, CNN, USA Today and Crain’s Chicago are some of the outlets that have featured Rona’s success story as an inspiration to all especially women venturing to the entrepreneurial world.  Check techweekchicago2014.sched.com.

Rona Borre’s story is a true inspirational piece in the modern day world of women and corporate leadership.

Click this link and know her more http://www.instantalliance.com/team_bio/rona-borre/

David Giertz’s Advice to Advisors

David Giertz has made a major impact on the financial world. He has a wealth of knowledge about this world. With more than three decades of experience in this world has become a go to for many advisors seeking knowledge of in the financial services industry. In a recent interview with WSJ, he spoke with Veronica Dagher about the importance of speaking to clients about Social Security.

We all have heard about the danger of losing Social Security. It would seem like a no brainer for financial advisors to be talking with their clients about it. In his interview however, Giertz stated that advisors simply are not doing this. In a recent survey with Nationwide, he found that most people say their advisors are not talking with them about Social Security. The study also revealed that nearly eighty percent of clients said they would switch advisors if they did not address this topic. Why are advisors not addressing Social Security. David Giertz thinks that it is very complex. With more than 2700 rules concerning Social Security, the issue can be tough to handle. With so much riding on Social Security it is really important that advisors address this issue on Nationwide.

David Giertz has been the senior vice president of Nationwide Financial Distribution and sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company for the last four years. During that time he has held important positions such as Vice President of sales and Vice President-NF Sales from 2004 to 2009. He is responsible for the overall strategy private-sector retirement plans on Facebook, life insurance and annuities. He has great knowledge of this area making his advice on Social Security very creditable.

David Giertz education came from the respected University of Miami and Millikin University where he earned his MBA and BS degrees. He has been involved with a number of community organizations including a position as Vice Chair on the Board of Trustees with Millikin University. Today he and his wife Eve are active runners and travelers. He continues to impact the financial world in a major way. Source: http://www.whitepages.com/name/David-L-Giertz/Columbus-OH/7x2w2br